The group of Queen Astra and Roland back in Nantucket?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15463

Meanwhile, a short conversation between the Doctor's group (who'd left Terra Prime back in 1501 AD, Terra Prime calender) and Queen Astra's group is rather short. Before the Queen can intercede, a quick exchange of names happens between the two groups of Champions. See, she'd already guessed that this group was from her past (the Doctor and the others had been rather vague about the events surrounding their adventure with Xoanon in the Dr. What universe).

Frankly, the problem here was that if too much information was exchanged here that could have changed her past.....something else besides a change in the past would have happened. See, when a certain President of the Time Lords attempted something similar with Doctor Who by using the Time Scoop (Scooping wasn't good for a Time Lord's past was in effect meddling with a Champion's past).....the result was that....parallel versions of the Doctor got Scooped instead. Queen Astra had a feeling that if something similar happened here, that the events leading up to would get bollixed up royally. Why borrow trouble by meddling in the past?

The Council turns back from watching the ship leave....only to find that "Queen Astra's" group have slipped off somewhere out of sight!

Having shed notice by the Nantucketers, Queen Astra and friends rush off to their next place of travel. Only to have an interesting encounter with a group of would be conspirators against Nantucket!!

It begins thusly....

William Walker was rather concerned with recent events. He had a very sick feeling in his stomach that the stranger who'd interrupted the town meeting in that most strange manner was onto him! If anything, that look of anger Lisketter gave him after that meddling asshole, Frank Marn, leaned over and told her something. Frankly, Walker knew that heading for the hills would perhaps be the best bet, but....frankly, there really wasn't anyplace to run right now! If all had gone according to plans he'd have set Lisketter up as patsy and diversion as his group sailed off to England to join with the Sun Folk and set up his own little empire. Things had gotten knocked askew and he knew it! Thus, while he wasn't showing it, he was desperate for a way out!

Grasping at straws, he and the small group of conspirators met with a local who'd kept hinting coyly about something important and big. Walker had met this man in passing and dismissed him as being nothing more than a fool and "wannabe". Another reason for not approaching this guy was that "Harry" was part of the police force! Not a high ranking part, but a part of "the law" all the same. However, now, Walker is wondering if he'd been missing a beet here, not having approached Harry Smith earlier!

"You....actually caused the explosion in the warehouse where most the guns were kept?" Walker asked weakly. "I thought that....."

"Mr. Walker," Harry laughed softly, "While perhaps the Town Council having everyone give up their guns during the start of things after the Event, what with everyone on razor edge and some falling over the edge and going on a shooting spree had seemed like a good idea, being negated by putting all that ammo and hardware together.....just an accident waiting to happen.....doesn't necessarily mean that the 'accident' was an accident.

"A little arson during the right time....during the time when that nutty priest tried to have his followers burn the town down?" Smith shrugged, smiling. "I was in a perfect position to know that those nuts had been under watch for just such a thing. The others may not like me, but they did trust me....and discounted me."

(Author's Note: Smith is referring to events that happened in the book Island in the Sea of Time, but as you may have already guessed.....things here are departing radically from that fine novel!)

"And....what now?" Walker said. "Okay, you got rid of most of the......"

Smith breaks into a laugh, interrupting.

"Sorry." he says, waving a hand. "I just guess that you thought that I was like those other fools. May I?" Smith makes a gesture and one of his flunkies comes forth and places an AK-47 (!) with 3 ammo clips on the table before the stunned Walker and his cronies. That and what appeared to be a map with bunch of red marks on them!

"More where that comes from gentlemen," Smith purrs, "much more, buried in safe spots over on the far side of this island. Old trick I learned from an NRA extremist, bury your hardware and bullets in sealed, watertight compartments to hide 'em from those annoying Feds. Lots of ammo and guns. Oh, did I mention that I belonged to a Militia?"

Walker suddenly had visions of Smith's appearing stupid and complacent with his lot in life was a facade hiding a much more ambitious and......wickedly intelligent person within. More intelligent and ambitious than what even Walker could have seen (and he wasn't a slouch at that stuff, mind you!)

"Okay, cards on table, what do you want?" Walker says, trying to keep a gleam of greed out of his voice. He already knew, but.....

"In! I want in." Smith says fiercely. "I was hurt at being looked over, Walker. Hurt terribly. I want to help you take over the island. Hell, I'm even doing the rest of the island a favor! God knows what is going to come down the damn pike next, something less....benign than the lights turning back on? We've got to get organized and get armed and defended.....with the.....right leaders in charge of those with the guns, natch. Just consider all this before you as a sign of what I can provide....and a show of trust. I have rather shown too much to turn back now, haven't I?"

"Er.....right," Walker blinked.

And if I say no, I expect you'd have one of your toughs relieve my headache....with Excedrin 9mm! Walker added to himself, Not.....that I wanted to say no, mind you.....

Neither are aware of recent developments with Xoanon and such outside, yet. They'd been tucked away in yet another abandoned house on the outskirts of town, away from public scrutiny.

Holy J**** H. C****t on a Harley! Walker swore to himself. This could work....and things would be much easier with all here than trying to set up with all the wogs over in that Bronze Age England!

"Hey, old friend," Walker smiles suddenly, winningly, "Welcome to the club! When can we start?"

"Now seems the best bet," Smith begins, then looks over Walkers shoulder and swears.

"You sister F*cking b*****ds," a angry voice says behind Walker.

Roland despised conspirators, for conspirators in part was what helped bring the kingdom he'd sworn himself to so long ago, Gilead, to ruin!

Roland and the others, having arrived at their destination, had quietly subdued the guard at the door and knowing something was amiss, had quietly snuck in and listened in!

The conspirators know that the fat was truly in the fire right now, and know that these interlopers must be killed immediately, no matter how.....strange some of them appear!

Roland and the others of his group know that if they are to walk away from this alive......they must deal with this situation in a most lethal....and violent manner!

  1. So be it!

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