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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15595

Right now, however, the police force of Nantucket as arrived on the scene....and are shocked at the mess!


If nothing else, I find it rather pleasant to NOT have to turn over my pistols again due to a misunderstanding with the local law. They are the guns of a gunslinger, the Big Irons, handed down to me from my father, who's father handed it down to him, and so on and so on. Now, while I've gifted Eddie with one of the two Big Irons I received from my father, that was different. The new Big Iron that was gifted to me by Alicia 2, daughter of Natthias of the House of John....while not from my father.....still..... It's a wonderful gift she gave and I shall treasure it as much as the one from my father. That said, for anyone to handle them.... Frankly, for another to handle them without somewhat akin to them parts of me.

It was hard enough to hand them over back on Romulus, a world truly alien (even with a bit more gravity than what I've lived all my life with).

"Hey, before you start......" Marn begins, explaining quickly what basically happened, and why.

Increment by slow increment they town guardsmen lower their crossbows (a weapon that is more easily made with the local materials, I suppose, than guns).

Apparently, Marn has some pull with the locals, for they believe him. That and one points to the groaning traitor who called himself William Walker (a man who's definitely forgotten the face of his father, in my opinion) that the Doctor is working over. Apparently, from what I gather Walker had already been under suspicion due to some warnings that Marn had already given the governing council in this town.

This is good.

Marn is, with a bit of difficultly, able to let us keep our weapons.<P.

Very good.

Susannah snorts and softly wakes up.

"What happened?" she asks woozily.

"Shh, it's okay," Eddie says softly, "You got hit, but you got patched up.....

Susannah Dean's injuries had been healed remarkably well....almost good as new. However, the Doctor had said something about beware of overstressing herself or the "micor-sutures" (?) would give way.

"Why didn't you tell me you were pregnant, Suze?" her husband continues quietly.

As the two "love birds" talk quietly over in one corner, I get the feeling that it's time to withdraw for a while to let them sort things out. In private.

Besides's been awhile since I've actually eaten in a proper, civilized restaurant. Nantucket, I've been told, has those things, still. It, like this entire world, has "moved on".......

Oh, don't look at me like that. Yes, I've just killed, but those people deserved killing and I shan't lose sleep or appetite over vermin like that.

"So Roland to the Restaurant he did come," I mutter to myself, jokingly, earning a surprised glance from some of my companions.

Hrmph, that sounded absolutely horrid. I sigh.


I'm told that the novelist who's chronicled my life quest (albeit by accident), has the habit of placing himself in one form or another inside his stories.

  1. So I guess it shouldn't be such a surprise to meet him having a small meal with some fellow authors who'd been on a restful retreat and got caught here by the Event......

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