Introductions and Complications

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 15464

"I," said Mike pompously, "am Michael Cunningham, adventure and archaeologist extraordinaire. Are you the guy Rassilon told me about? The one who has the letter? Where's the woman with you?"

Momentarily, Agent Strange was confused. Then, he smiled inwardly. Obviously, this foolish human was expecting some emmisary of the Rules and Agents. This might be a wonderful opportunity to increase the chaos in the universe a bit...

"Yes, I am," said Agent Strange. "My name is Arnold Sephiroth. Thank God you arrived! Those things here already killed everyone else who was with me. Here's the letter." He pulled an envelope out of his pocket. It was addressed with an arcane symbol. "Now go. Make sure this gets to Rassilon, before it's too late."

"No problemo," said Mike. He grinned wildly. He was actually getting to save the universe! Breaking through the Gallifreyan transduction barrier and getting into Rassilon's tomb was an accomplishment enough, but this... Imagine how much fame this would bring him! People would be beating down his door to employ him! Women would be fighting over him everywhere he went! Little caring for this Sephrioth guy or his dead allies, he let out a whoop of joy as Rassilon teleported him back.

As he left, Agent Strange laughed maniacally. This human had been every bit as stupid as he had hoped. He had fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. This was going to be very interesting...

Meanwhile, Fred, Astra, Susan and the Doctor were hurtling through the Multiverse on their way to the Ultimate Savage Land. They were not aware of this, as the transit would take only a second of their personal timestreams. But soon, they would be there, and be forced to fight a battle for their lives.

Or at least, that had been Agent Strange's plan. He hadn't anticipated how the integrity of the part of the multiverse they had been passing through had been strained by a very anomalous object, or how a Fred would arrive through a strange gateway into the universe that contained it, causing a backlash that slingshot Fred and another man, Josh Beiber, back towards their own universes. The result was that Fred and Josh collided with the Doctor, Susan, and the other Fred, and Astra, causing them to land in a nearby analog universe...

With nervous anticipation, Zodin walked toward the table where Princess Astra was strapped. She was here with Minestus, and a cohort of armed guards. She had captured the Princess, and despite several attempts to escape Astra had not succeeded. She had hoped she wouldn't as Astra had proved the perfect subject for this fascinating experiment. Rather than transforming her into a traditional were-creature, she would transform her into a new race which had been concieved of by Minestus--a "demi-fox." It was a very interesting idea, and she hoped that this would be successful. Minestus was mainly interested in it so that he could create a large number of "demi-foxes" for his own purposes. She cared little for those. It was the challenge of carrying it out that interested her, for no mage before her had ever created a new race. If she did this, she would be only one step away from being God!

Astra looked back at her, glaring with hatred, but she ignored her. She closed her eyes and recited the necessary spells. The magical energies made their way towards Astra, transforming her, as she screamed in pain...

Then, Zodin screamed as the energies began to take an unexpected path. An immense backlash knocked Zodin off her feet! When she got up, she saw to her horror that although Astra had been transformed there were now six people in the room who had not been there before! There was an exact duplicate of Astra as a human, a knight wearing the legendary Flamebane Mail who looked exactly like the man who had become Experiment 6 [9273], an distinguished-looking old man, a dark-haired young woman, and two other demifoxes, one of whom strongly resembles the knight!

"What the hell just happened?" asked the knight. "This doesn't look like the Ultimate Savage Land?" He looked especially confused as he saw the demifox who looked like him. "And why does that clone or doppelganger or whatever of me look like a fox?"

Zodin, snapped out of her shock. She still had no idea how these people had been created, but knew that they had to be captured. Perhaps analyzing them would be interesting...

  1. The guards snapped out of their daze and attacked the newcomers.
  2. Agent Strange suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
  3. Shift POV back to the Death Zone.
  4. Meanwhile the newly created demifox was trying to make sense of things.

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