A Dragon Mage is Found

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14871

"I don't remember that from the Litany," said Betty.

"It is not from the litany. It is from the Old Knowledge. It is taught to us as children." She looked uncertainly at the Doctor. "I believed it only a tale fit for children. But you are truly the third aspect of the Evil One!"

"I assure you, my dear..." the Doctor began.

But just then, Leela and the elves all swivelled their heads towards a distant stirring in the brush. "Someone's coming!" said Leela.


I sigh softly before heading for cover. Surprisingly enough, the cover around here is adequate for such, though frankly I'm not really dressed for it AND....I've grown rather tired of hiding. Did enough of that for centuries back on my homeworld when I had to hide my true religious belief when they became different from what was "state approved."

Oh, I'd tried to find peace within myself by communing with Tiamat by going to sea. See, religious doctrine said that Tiamat's blood was actually seawater and if..... Well, suffice to say taht while I found sea travel relaxing enough.....it was hardly a religious revelation/renewal I'd been hoping for out there. I'd fallen in love with the sea....but finally had a final fallout with Tiamat, the supposed Mother of All Dragons.

Well, enough of that. I eventually found comfort in the Church (Christianity) back on my homeworld for several reason, but that's besides the point right now....but suffice to say that the journey from belief in Tiamat to that of the Lord is just about as weird as the adventure I've been having ever since old friends walked through the door of my business establish only a relatively short time ago (re: 1860). Oh, I don't seek out conflict and danger for excitement's sake alone. Rather, along with many of my old (and new) friends is the thrill of actually making a difference.

Hmmm, I would have said I caught it from the D'Honaires....but I've been like that even before.

Well, anyway, my part in all this all started soon after I arrived on Terra Prime. I was still adjusting to the new environment I and the others got teleported when I was approached by several of the rather more usual (and at the time most recent) additions to the D'Honaire/Thessamer clan. The elven version of "my" Fred and Astra, Gilmuriel and E'eysha. Followed close behind were the other new elves, Elrondir and B'Elanna. They wanted to learn the ways of magic from me and I was happy to do it. Then, soon, I found myself approached by the Doctor and his companions (Betty and Ragan) also wanting magical tutelage. Since that meant that I'd be coming along with them in the TARDIS.....exploring a whole new realities (three others besides Terra Prime) as well as traveling through time..... You couldn't have held me back, frankly!

We've had quiet the adventure so far. Quiet well and above what I've ever experienced before in my two thousand years of life (and that's saying a bit). We've saved several lives (as well as a large portion of the Doctor's universe according to Betty when we stopped the Master from taking over Logopolis) from destruction (see www. for more details). We've joined the ranks of the Champions of Rules and Agents (effectively making us all immortal). We've helped in bringing back to life an icon (Lord Rassilon) from the Time Lords past. We've encountered two incidents on Betty's Earth that are what can Ragan and the others call movie crossovers (interesting forms of entertainment, movies). The last "crossover" was fun in how we were able to run rings around the NSA (poor guys....we had magic and two people familiar with their ways in Inquirer and Elrondir.....so we had a much easier time at it than we could have).

And now we are hiding in the bushes from a bunch of half naked men armed with crossbows?

Well, some of us are having a better time at than others at hiding. The elves are the best hidden (with Leela probably being a close second). The others are well hidden and probably wouldn't be seen by these....hunters.

Ah, I know that I kept harping on the virtues of not relying on everything being solved by magical means. Makes a person soft and inflexible. Ripe for failure when magic just won't do. With the sudden near arrival of these hunters we had no time for magic....but I wish that I'd been able to cast a quick cantrip or something. See, I may be good at many things....but my calling had been a mage and a ship's captain......not a "commando."

See, I've just been found by them.....

"Great," I sigh, "Just great."

A pair of crossbow bolts thunk near the tree by Sigin.

"Great," Sigin sighs, "Just great."

"Stand where you are!" shouts one hunter, covering the disgruntled dragon mage.

  1. "You there!" the lead hunter shouts at Sigin, "Stand where you are! Where is Leela?"

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