The Mage Takes Charge.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14901

A pair of crossbow bolts thunk near the tree by Sigin.

"Great," Sigin sighs, "Just great."

"Stand where you are!" shouts one hunter, covering the disgruntled dragon mage.

"You there!" the lead hunter shouts at Sigin, "Stand where you are! Where is Leela?"

"Who are you and why are you shooting at me?" Sigin shoots back, slipping into his no nonsense, sea captain mode, "I must say, whoever you think you are does NOT give you leave to shoot your damn bolts at ME!"

There is a tone of voice that those in military positions of authority can use that is harsh, commanding, and is sure to scare the bejeebers out of the average military recruit. Even the most hardened hunter drew back in surprise...and a bit of trepidation. This wasn't what they expected of a person being held at crossbow point.

"Here now! I asked you a...." the hunter begins.

The next few minutes are a bit confusing to several of the hunters when they look back at it. Why were they so discomforted by this odd man? Some would say that there was some type of....aura of authority coming from this oddly dressed man. Some would say that there was just something in his voice that was hypnotic....and dripping with power...and menace.

Whatever the case......

"Well, take me to the person who'd sent you out!" Sigin raged, "I have a few words for som someone who'd send hunters out to harass inocent travelers like myself!

"But....." the lead hunter begins, trying to regain control of the situation.

It was totally ridiculous, but soon the hunters, instead of continuing their search for Leela, soon are escorting a fuming Sigin to the village. Looking back, the lead hunter would ask himself again and again how he'd allowed himself to be herded into it. Then again, Sigin was an old hand at gaining the upper hand with rowdy crew members back on his ship back in his home world (when not scaring the bejesus out of them when all else failed with magic, strength of arms, or summoning his "familiar", himself in dragon form, on them).

As the others rise slowly from their hiding places, Sigin sends a telepathic message stating that this was exactly what he'd been hoping for, so don't panic.

  1. Win Leela over to our side.....then come after me, Sigin sent back, I'll see if I can talk some sense into these puzzlewits!

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