Eggtimers, Escapes, and the Evil One

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14807

"All right," said the Doctor, setting the egg timer and placing it carefully on the ground. "We're going to move off in that direction. Everyone move very quietly and carefully. Don't make a sound! Ready?"

Everyone except Leela nodded their understanding, and began to move slowly and silently away from the eggtimer. Leela, however, simply stood there for a moment with an expression of extreme confusion on her face. But as the sound of the invisible creatures came closer, she clearly decided that now was not the time to ponder the whys and wherefores, and quietly and rapidly followed the Doctor and his party.

The ringing of the eggtimer shattered the silence just as they felt the tingling sensation that marked the sonic barrier. With a roar, the creatures pounced upon the eggtimer, their invisible feet smashing it flat. They all watched with interest, safe behind the barrier wall.

"Well," said Ragan with a smile, "that was a bit anticlimactic, compared to the TV episode."

"Yeah," said Betty, remembering the tense moment when the TV Doctor had tripped on a vine and attracted the creature's attention. "But I suppose this incarnation of the Doctor is really much less suited to pratfalls." They exchanged a chuckle.

Leela, meanwhile, had drawn herself up to her full height and was staring at the Doctor with a challenging look in her eye. "Why did you rescue me from your own creatures?" she demanded.

"They're not my creatures," he said.

"But you are the Evil One!"

"But he doesn't look like the Evil One, surely?" said Ragan, puzzled by this particular departure from Whovian canon.

Leela gave her a contemptuous look. "He has the face of the Third Aspect of the Evil One," she said. And then, haltingly, as if she were trying to remember the exact words, she recited, "The Evil One may change his face and his form. His aspects are four, and are carved into the Great Cliffs, that men may recognize him in all his aspects and not be deceived."

"I don't remember that from the Litany," said Betty.

"It is not from the litany. It is from the Old Knowledge. It is taught to us as children." She looked uncertainly at the Doctor. "I believed it only a tale fit for for children. But you are truly the third aspect of the Evil One!"

"I assure you, my dear..." the Doctor began.

  1. But just then, Leela and the elves all swiveled their heads towards a distant stirring in the brush. "Someone's coming!" said Leela.

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