Another departure from the TV script

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14793

"The Evil One!" Leela gasps, making a warding sign.

"Huh?" Betty and Ragan say together, surprised.

The Doctor is in his third Regeneration....not his Fourth!

Leela, meanwhile, is shocked at seeing the Third in the Four of all the guises of the Evil One standing before her. The Shaman had always babbled about the Evil One being able to wear different faces and forms (four) and had laughed. But this man looked just like one of the cliff carvings......

Okay, I've seen that look before, Gilmuriel says telepathically to his fellow elves, It means that there has been an....hrmph...."unexpected development".

The others nod slightly at that one. They'd been in situations where the unexpected had occurred, and had made life interesting in the Chinese sense of the word (or the local equivalent).

We don't have time for this. B'elanna adds in exasperation, ears twitching in annoyance (Klingon nature coming to the fore), I hear those Phantom creatures heading our way!

"And who, exactly, is this Evil One?" the Doctor says with an amused chuckle voice. "My dear, I do hope that you don't mean me! I may not be perfect, but I believe you are rather overstating it. I'm the Doctor and these are my friends."

The others quickly introduce themselves to the rather befuddled Leela (who hadn't figured on the need of good manners out here AND hadn't figured on meeting such a group as this).

"Leela, of the Sevateem." she says.

The Doctor gives a compliment on her name when B'elanna breaks in.

"Uh, hate to interrupt this," B'elanna says, pointing in the direction that Leela came, "We seem to have company coming."

"Sounds like a Phantom," Elrondir added, "and it does not sound amused and it's heading this way."

"We'll probably have a problem...since we can't see them," the Doctor muses aloud, "That is, they are invisible, Leela?"

"You should know since they are your creatures," Leela says, surprised that the Doctor would ask, "Of course they are."

The Doctor is about to say more when Ragan hands him a clockwork eggtimer.

The Time Lord at first looks at it in askance, then brightens when he realizes what it can be useful for in this situation.

"Oh yes," he says, "Strictly speaking the Phantom is blind and homes in on vibration.....unless of course he's learned a few tricks like I've learned recently.....elsewhere."

  1. The Doctor then began to wind the timer, now understanding why Ragan had made a point of going to the kitchen before leaving TARDIS!

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