Superheroes Unmasked and Djinns Revealed....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14761

"Well, that answers that, doesn't it," Jake mutters as Kent looks at Eddie in outrage, "Not that the glasses and mild manners makes a good disguise, but that outfit kind of cuts it, does it not?"

"Yes, doesn't it just do that," Clark Kent (aka Superman) grinds out, finally conceding that there is no longer a way to dodge it, "Congratulations. You've just unmasked me. I'm sure that the newspapers and TV reporters will have a field day."

Eddie, Susannah, and Jake just sigh and share a knowing glance. No matter what decade they hale from, this comic book hero is rather....well...well known. The elven couple, having already picked up on the apparent crux of what the three New Yorkers. Superman, however, is running too high on emotional outrage to see the obviousness of it, however.

"I fear that the secret was more or less reveal beforehand, sir." the raven haired elfin woman, Ia'adoire, says. "From what I gather from what has already been said, your ‘secret' identity was"

"Public?" the flame haired elfin man, Lueoth, finishes up for his love while she tried to come up with a tact way of saying it, "Are we more or less on the mark?"

"To put it mildly," Jake puts in, "In TV shows, comicbooks....."

"And in movies," Astra and Eddie Dean puts in together, to the Man of Steel (who's beginning, with dawning horror, to see that perhaps the battle had been lost even before arriving here).

"I....knew that something odd, to put it mildly, was wrong when I found these large radar dishes out in a spot that was barren fields before," he whispered, suddenly out of sorts, "I've...flown by here before."

"Ah, but I do have one question," Susannah suddenly asks, "What brought you here? How exactly did you arrive here?!"

"I believe that I could answer that......?" a voice says behind them, "Superman?!"

"Luthor!" Superman shouts, feeling a wave of weakness, looking at a bald man with a glowing green rock in one hand and a box with a red button on it in another.

Luthor would say more, but he's suddenly concerned with all the lethal hardware aimed at him (six shooters and.....bows and arrows?!).

"Drop them or I push this button!" the villain shouts, suddenly concerned.

Things were not going as planned, to say the least.

Meanwhile, a rather surprised pair of AI/Golems (Evis 7 and Probe), their small child (Gabriel), a dragon mage (Dragon Synizn of this world and servant to Probe), and their unexpected guest (Susan Delgrado) are staring down at a flamed haired woman dressed in a harem outfit....holding onto the shattered remains of a fancy bottle.

They'd been talking about the small differences between the book version of Roland's quest for the Dark Tower (things like Mid-world being the name of a defunct kingdom in the book instead of the name of the world and that the book's Susan had the last name of Delgado instead of Delfrado) when Probe was going to show Susan her bedroom for the duration.

"Let me guess," Susan says softly, "A fairy woman from the lamp?"

"No, the djinn slave of the lamp," Astra the Dijinn corrects her automatically, awakening with a killer headache (and questions on what had happened....last she remembered was....the initial transformation...and something about one Randall Flagg....something terrible!)

  1. "Astra?" Probe asks, perplexed, "Why are you wearing that outfit?"

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