Superman, I presume?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14760

"Look, we do not need more insanity right now," Queen Astra put in as the man from Krypton looked down at Susannah Dean. "We can all agree that this is a rather chaotic situation that is very stressful, and frankly Mulder and Scully were actually adding to it. With them asleep, we hopefully should be able to sort things out just a little easier."

While she had the upmost respect for the Mulder and Scully that had joined up with Probe's outfit back on Terra Prime (UNIT), these two before her had struck her as something very much the fool. Trusting her gut instinct which had served her so well first as an Amazonian warrior princess and then as an Amazonian queen, she'd seen them more of an obstacle to be overcome and had Ama'lis put them out of the way for the time being.

Though the other guy who'd gotten caught had seemed reasonable enough, at least he wasn't causing any problems asleep as well.

Now for this Superman before them. She'd heard and seen some things about him, and Gods help them if it was true!

"Besides which, if we were out for blood, we'd have put you out as well," Eddie put in, "Even if you are the real Superman–something which my gut is telling me is true– then you'd go out like a light. Superman may be ultra-powerful, but I did happen to read during my....more lucid times...about how he had no immunity to magic what so ever."

"Ah, right," Astra put in, making a note about that last factiod, "What we need to do is let Betty get healed. Surely you don't have an objection to that, Kal-el?"

"Why do you keep calling me Superman or Kal-el?" Clark Kent asks in exasperation, trying to dodge. "I'm not....."

Eddie, acting on impulse and moving swiftly (and surprising the Man of Steel), leaps forward and tears open Clark's shirt....revealing the red and yellow "S" symbol that all are familiar with who've seen Superman in action.

  1. "Well, that answers that, doesn't it," Jake mutters as Kent looks at Eddie in outrage, "Not that the glasses and mild manners makes a good disguise, but that outfit kind of cuts it, does it not?"

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