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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14746

"Be that as it may, I believe something must be done for this poor woman here," the dragon mage says, pointing at the daffily smiling Betty, "Her mind needs healing, and I can do just that through my magic.

"Now excuse me," he continues, elbowing Fox and Mulder out of the way (and walking past the Nighstalker guy) and going over to Betty, who's just standing there.

"Now see here!" Dana Fox shouts, insulted beyond belief at the "dragon's" abruptness. She would have said more, along with a now angered Mulder (Eddie's words had urked both FBI agents more than it would ordinarily should have for some reason), but with a sigh and a convert gesture by Astra causes Ama'lis (the other magic using creature in the group) to nod and cast a spell on both of the FBI agents.

Before, this spell had been cast by mistake. Now it is cast intentionally.

Perhaps the two FBI agents have something of worth to say, but for right now they were being more of a hindrance than a help.

That said and done, Mulder, Skully, and Carl Kolchak (who'd gets caught in the outer limits of the spell by accident) are down and snoring on the desert floor.

Great, maybe I should take up that dragon's offer to become an apprentice, Ama'lis thinks to herself in disgust as she looks down at the sleeping Kolchak (who's tape player is now recording his and the other's snoring), Then perhaps I'll better able to actually hit the targets I actually want AND not accidently cast spells when startled!

That such had happened had been most embarrassing for her, and she was now almost able to overcome her overwhelming pride (that all fairies have) and ask Dragon Synizn to help.

But in the meantime while the dragon mage is administering magic on Betty while Roland and Stacy are quietly talking. As for Superman, he appears to think things are getting a bit out of hand and something should be done about that.....

Superman is looking for a telephone booth to use to change into his super identity when a woman in a wheelchair (Susannah Dean) rolls right in front of him.

"Hold it right there, Kal-el or whatever your name really is!" the woman says, crossing her arms and looking up at him, "We possibly seem to have a small problem here and that problem could very well be you."

  1. "Look, we do not need more insanity right now," Queen Astra put in as the man from Krypton looked down at Susannah Dean.

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