The Astra out of the bottle...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14788

"Astra?" Probe asks, perplexed, "Why are you wearing that outfit?"

He'd been expecting a visit from Astra 4 and several others for Gabriel's birthday a few days from now. For some of those from other Terras this meant coming days early for a week long celebration of the blessed event back in their homeland and for this birthday, Gabriel's birthday, was going to be celebrated that way. His son was worth it!

Apparently Astra 4 had arrived early, for the woman before him was the splitting image of her (albeit dressed in a costume perfect for the Arabian Nights). She had the same hair style (the key feature used by most analogs nowadays to differentiate themselves from each other), same height, and even the same buxom figure, but......

Probe, a sudden sense of foreboding drew on his eldritch senses and saw....<P.

Saw that this woman before them might look like Astra 4 by mundane sense, it was a different story viewing it through the mystic senses!

"Everyone OUT!" Probe shouts, spells leaping forth to defend (or attack if needed).

"Probe, wait!" Dragon Synizn says quickly, seeing something important, seeing something missing. Namely, the link between Djinn and master.

The dragon mage had only seen such a case of a masterless djinn one time before throughout his entire long life, but not via a the destruction of it's genie bottle...

  1. what he sees via his mystical senses when he looks at the djinn's aura and the remains of links to the bottle she carries.

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