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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14561

And thus Reynolds and his goons disappear off the face of the Earth, for all practical purposes. Not dead, but they shall never be able to enjoy a normal (free) life again.

But meanwhile, there is some business right before the mop up....

Inquirer watches as Reynolds and his goons happily comply with the somewhat angery team of Abbot's group. Several of the agents just look over at Abbot in askance about the apparent docile nature.

"Well, I did tell you about some of the odd things that happened with the Doctor," Abbot says crossly, nervously looking back at the police station.

So far nobody was looking their way (much to his relief), but......

"Thomas, you did set up Robert Dean?" a female voice Abbot remembers from seven years ago.

Agents and Sneakers look around, not seeing the source of the voice.

Abbot, recognizing this "Robert Dean" character from some recent newspaper articles, suddenly grows interested in the answer of this question. Personally, he'd only put Dean off as being on the take to the Mob.....but if for some reason this Dean was a victim of this bastard Reynolds then Abbot was honor bound to make things right!!

"Of course!" Reynolds chuckled goofily, "Why if he came forward with that tape I and the Cabal's interests would be dealt a serious blow."

"And if you tell all you know I believe there will be more than a ‘serious blow' done to you and the Cabal," Abbot says darkly.

"Yep!" Reynolds giggles.

"And then after we take care of putting you up somewhere.....we got to take care of the mess you've made of Dean's life," Abbot sighs.

"Thank you, it makes our job at putting things right," Inquirer says softly as she boards the disguised TARDIS.

That was one less thing they needed to take care of, and the mechanical maiden, the Doctors, and the others were happy to not have to tackle THAT problem!

Brill watched through a pair of binoculars as a jeep sped it's way down a remote dirt road towards the border between Texas and Mexico. The fugitive would, if left unchecked, would cross a shallow part of the river between the two nations.

"But of course your friend Sigin plans on casting a spell to stop him, right?" Brill asks the Doctor.

"No, rather something more hands, or ‘claws on' as it were," the Doctor coughs.

"Wha....oh shit," Brill whispers as he sees exactly what the Time Lord was speaking about.

Pratt only has a second warning at a large shadow suddenly seems to eclipse the noonday Sun and then he screams in absolute terror as only one human being can when they first encounter for the very first time the majestic (and terrifying) creature known as a dragon that dragon slayers term a wyrm. Dragon slayers are trained to being able to overcome the dragon awe/terror that those like Sigin can (with a thought) exude.

Pratt, though experienced with batle and dangerous situations, nonetheless faints dead away as Sigin grabs and yanks the jeep into the air with fore and rear claws. The dragon then, after crushing the front of the jeep (and silencing the annoying engine within) deposits the jeep on the ledge.

Sigin then lands besides the jeep and quickly returns to his human form.

Brill blinks a few times, then shakes his head.

"When you called yourself a dragon mage, apparently I only thought it involved magery over dragons," he says. "Apparently, I was a bit wrong, to put it mildly. So, Betty and Ragan are the only humans in your group."

"Pretty much," Betty put in, coming up and floating the unconscious Pratt (the last of their fugitive NSA operatives) out of the ruined jeep and (after magically deepening his slumber into something approaching comatose) floats the man into the TARDIS. "But truth be told, the Doctor is half human."

The Doctor blinks, startled that Betty knows about that, then remembered just where Betty (and several of the others) hailed from.

"But don't worry, I don't hold it against you," Inquirer says fondly, giving the Time Lord a quick hug.

The Doctor smiles, and thanks the Powers that are that he has such friends and one that is becoming more than a friend.

Later, Abbot finds a smiling and dazed Pratt standing in his office, and Abbot mutters something scatological after having the bady (as some in England would term him) escorted to a secure location, reads the note that had been written in a jaunting, flourishing script (actually written by E'eysha).

Dear Mr. Abbot.

Sorry we could not stay to chat. Fear not, however, for we shall soon give one last set of gifts. One will at least explain how we knew what we knew to some degree. Mustn't reveal too much too soon. Time travel can make some things.....interesting, alas.

Until that time, we wish you ado!


E'eysha Thessamer & Friends

Approximately a year later, Abbot pulls out this same note after burning some photographs.

  1. "Oh, and stolen funds constitutes a gift?" Abbot mutters, angry.

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