Not so dead as advertised......

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14565

"Oh, and stolen funds constitutes a gift?" Abbot mutters, angry.

"Don't think that they exactly knew were their funds came from as I understand their not, Darth," a familiar voice says, years in hiding haven't softened the Boston twang of it's owner.

"Sir, I see you've arrived safely," Abbot says, rising to greet the leader of his secret group within the NSA, "How are the old wounds?"

"Well enough," the other said, cordially enough, "Though they do pain me fiercely every once in a while."

Though it was a close run thing when we spirited you away from Houston, Abbot added to himself.

"But you were saying something about Them not knowing about something?" Abbot asked, looking at a package and note that Kennedy was holding.

"They say that they don't know where they got their money, but figure that since they don't need it anymore," Kennedy chuckled, "So they went back awhile ago, put it into a Swiss account....and boy did it draw interest! So they donated it to us, in a round about way."

Abbot's eyes bug out at the figures on the note to the Swiss account. It was something like five times what had been taken from him.

"Shit," Abbot says reverantly.

"Ah, but before coming here I viewed two rather interesting DVDs," Kennedy continued. "Lucky for Bishop he did not do what he'd planned on doing. Bankrupting the Republican Party would have been like lighting off a flair for the now defunct Cabal, it would just be too anomalous to put off as anything but the Item. He and his friends would have been liquidated by Cabal assassins within hours because, frankly, Bishop had gotten rather sloppy with knowing when to run and hide."

"What?!" Abbot gasps, shocked and confused, not quiet understanding all that Kennedy had said.

"See, there is this strange theory in this letter about how some works of fiction can actually be glimpses of events in other realities," Kennedy begins to explains as he pulls out videos of Enemy of the State and Sneakers.

And thus Abbot, the man who'd cleared up the mess that Reynolds had made of Dean's life (and even had arranged the gangster who'd apparently threatened the lawyer to be arrested), grows deathly quiet as he watches them both.

After Kennedy leaves (off to surprise quiet a few news reporters by making the largest comeback ever in politics.....back from the dead as it were), Abbot vowed to have a long and loud talk with Bishop next time he met.

"Try to fool me, eh?" Abbot chuckled, waiting for the shock Bishop would get by seeing these tapes!

"So, where to next?" Betty asks as the TARDIS is finally heading back to the Whoniverse.

"Well, I had wanted to check into an intriguing psychic back on Earth....but let's instead go enlist the aid of that one woman called Leela," the Doctor says, fiddling with a control. "I do believe I have an idea on where the Morde Expedition is located."

  1. And so....

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