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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 14557


Corner of Iowa and Third

The meet with Brill and Reynolds is going well enough, Inquirer thinks to herself, silently observing the proceedings from just over Reynold's side of the fence, And we should be seeing Abbots just a few more minutes.

Reynolds, increasingly distraught at the outrageous price tag that Brill was asking for this video, tried to delay things longer so Fiedler could track down any receivers for any bugs that this Brill.

"Do you believe we are the enemies of democracy?" Reynolds begins, filibustering, "I believe..."

Meanwhile, inside what appears to be an electrical repair van.....

Fiedler, one of the techies picked by Reynolds for this supposed training operation, is scanning the airwaves and speakers and suddenly finds Reynold's voice coming over his headset!

"Do you believe we are the enemies of democracy?" Reynolds voice begins, "I believe..."

"We have ‘em!" Fiedler says happily, "Yes!"

He then begins to turn to call to one of the operation guys (ex-military cut outs who stood out in his book by their military) who would intercept their query (a most worthy of adversaries in Fiedler's book for having evaded capture for so long) when.....

"Oh Fielder.....Fiedler....." a high, sweet and haunting voice suddenly says in a sing song voice, cutting off whatever else Reynolds was saying, "Get a life......Fiedler!"

E'eysha, holding back a chuckle, then hands the mike over to the next elf in line.

Feidler and the other techies suddenly look at each other, very surprised (to understate things).

"And to think that he was in ‘The Head of the Class'...." yet another young, melodic voice (this one male) sighs, "Well, mayhaps if he'd exercise, get a shave and haircut, he'd have better luck with women. Else why would he find the Dean's nanny who supposedly doesn't shave her legs so ‘hot.'"

Elrondir's eyes are shining, and he's laughing, waving off the others and promising (while the radio mike's deactivated) to explain the joke later.

"Who is this!?" Fiedler shouts over the radio, sounding rattled. There is then a thumping noise, and the elves note a distinctive clicking noise. The techies apparently just cut transmission before Fiedler could say more.

"Looks like they hung up," Gilmuriel sighs, "and I was so looking forward to adding my two farthings worth."

"We'll talk to him and the others later....." B'elanna sighs, turning off the radio, "All in good time."

They board the TARDIS, and the Doctor sets the chameleon circuit to a special setting for the next part of the plan. The TARDIS takes up another shape, and the Doctor mutters something about this being absolutely ludicrous.

"Still, I do admit it does have the positive attribute of blending in better," he mutters, "But still....I must admit that I.....have grown rather fond of the old blue police box."

They then fade out of Brill's apartment. With another input into the control column, they grind into someplace else and a blue "portapotty" appears in the middle of the room.

Outside, everyone within hearing range is staring at the rattling, shaking portapotty that is located in a corner nearby where a policeman and several gentlemen on the other side of a tall chain link fence.

"That's nice, Thomas, but I must be off," Brill smiles at Reynolds, who's stopped and is now staring at the oddly behaving outdoor, portable human waste receptacle.

Without another word, Brill tips his hat at the sputtering Reynolds and his surprised cronies, and moves quickly over to the TARDIS (in disguise) and enters.

Eyes still on the door, the startled "spooks" then are further spooked when they hear some strange sounding words to their left.

Inquirer, her nature of her cloak of invisibility nulled by her casting a spell, had first ducked behind a police van before dropping into plain sight again. Reynolds and the others are startled to see a woman dressed in a dark cloak and green forestry outfit.... then get this oddest..... wonderful feeling! They start to giggle, then smiling and feeling very peaceful and agreeable.

Thus, Abbot and friends find them, just as the red haired woman said they would find them (right before she disappeared into thin air right in front of them).<P.

Passive and happy, Reynolds and his cronies are all to happy to admit to every wrong they have ever done....and hours later (after the spell wears off), are desperate for any assurance of protection from those they've betrayed!

  1. And thus Reynolds and his goons disappear off the face of the Earth, for all practical purposes. Not dead, but they shall never be able to enjoy a normal (free) life again.

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