Where are they and who do they meet?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13653

Meanwhile, in another place nearby......

Belboz picks herself up off of the ground where her womanly posterior had landed rather roughly.

"Owww," she complained, rubbing where it hurt as she stood.

Great, and on top of everything else I ruined my dress! she thinks to herself, disgusted. This one made me look so good, too.

Belboz blinks at the last, and then shakes her head, auburn hair flying as she tries to clear it.

"Must have been the rough landing," she reasoned, worried.

She looks around, not sure where she's at, but......

"This place sure looks....familiar," she mutters to herself.

She then catches the whiff of something....horrid burning. Something, as a necromancer she had smelt in the past....if only in passing due to the field she worked in.

"What....?" she whispered, feeling goosebumps of dread.

She quietly sneaks over to peek around a tree and gasps in dread, chilled to her very core.

There were hundreds of rotting zombies milling about, gathering more and more bodies for what could only be sinister purposes.

She's about to sneak away, to put as much distance between her and this....travesty (because what could she do right now....without her magic but get killed and joined those rotting ranks)....when she sees some ghostly figures appear near the pile of corpses. A disturbingly familiar male voice comes from one of the ghosts and the pile of bodies burst into flame!

A chorus of cheers come from what appears to be a long abandoned village (...hey, this looks just like....her home village where he'd....er....she'd been born).

What in the....? she thinks to herself, suddenly wondering just what gives here.

"That's the last one for this necropolis," the ghost says to his piers, "Now for our volunteers."

Belboz gasps as she suddenly understands.

"The necromancy is being used to free the ghosts!" she says aloud, delighted.

She then clasps her hand over her mouth, surprised at herself.

The ghosts turn, and Belboz gasps in shock when one of the ghosts.....looks just like her before she'd become this.....young girl.

That, combined with an sudden onrush of weakness, causes the young lass' eyes to roll back into her head and she faints dead away!

"Who is she?" one of ghostly mages asks her companions, perplexed. "And how did she come near here without us detecting her beforehand? After all, we suet up the perimeter spells to at least give us warning if the living are coming.....they do tend to be upset with necromancy and all....even if it's for a good cause like ours!"

Belboz the ghost of Terra Prime stares down at the young auburn haired lass, and then up at his compatriots.

"My eyes see a girl...but my other Senses see....." he begins slowly.

"Belboz," a weak sounding voice comes from behind them as another girl (this one a young woman with long blonde hair that frames a lovely heart shaped face), "What happened to you? I thought that Elaine......"

Fred the girl passes out, a sudden dizziness becoming too much for her.

  1. "Complete the final cleansing of the village, Elizabeth and Hubert," Belboz commands, setting up tasks,"I and the rest will see to our living guest and make contact with some friends.These two look like they badly need aid!"

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