Why is he doing this?!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13645

AS you may have been reading this thread, you may wonder just why Elaine is doing this.

See, it began with his Naming upon birth. See, the story for the femaleness of Elaine's name kind of has a similar background storyof one character from "Cannary Row."

Basically, the boy has never had an even break, even at birth where his mother named him....not even caring to check the baby's sex before the naming. Cultural customs being as they are on this fictional world, and Elaine has a name he hates! This is just one of the many straws on his back.....the final one finding out that Belboz had been planning on dismissing him.....

Now, you can probably see how all that taken together might make him rather bitter - and why he might think that turning Belboz and Fred into girls was appropriate.

As it is, the only changes that Belboz and Fred get are their hair is lengthened to around their knees, they become very buxom, and in all become even more winsome than before.

  1. The world goes blank for both. Soon, Fred finds herself elsewhere. He's not alone, but Belboz is nowhere nearby....

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