The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13661

These two look like they need aid and badly!

So the ghostly mages hurry about their assigned tasks while Belboz examines the two unexpected girls, and blinks when his magical examination reveals what is wrong!

"I wonder what your two stories are," he mutters as he magically lifts the two unconscious woman over to some likely looking trees, "But before we can do that...nature is the best cure for what ills both of you!"

He places a girl near each tree, and waits.

The trees seem to shimmer and become more vibrant as the unconscious women smile and shimmer....and then form into a mist and join with their new host trees.

"The auburn one, which I Sensed was somehow an analog of me of all things, is not going to be too thrilled with her new status," Belboz the ghost mutters, calling some friends (one in particular) who could perhaps help these two new visitors to Terra Prime, "Anina of this world will especially be able to help in their transition.....I'll bet."

In the meantime, the two girls (one hamadryad) shiver and smile within their wooden cocoon, sleeping the sleep of the innocent as their trees sing them a sylvan lullaby as they recover from the shock of having no life sustaining tree support them upon arrival here.

Anina smiles as she parts from her tree and wills her human seeming body to form.

It was always so relaxing and comforting to join with her tree....and see how the surrounding wildlife and fauna was doing.

The land surrounding her castle was a veritable forest preserve that Anina maintained with upmost care when not devoting time and love to her daughters and family.

Unexpected and unasked for, none the less the act of Queen Astra "adopting" her as her mother (along with Anina 2) had touched the Amazon warrior woman turned hamadryad to the core. The fact that each and every Astra had in turn accepted her as mother had been almost more than the touched woman could bear but she had and now.....just a while ago, she'd adopted yet another few additions to the family (Astra 13 and Charmina).

Life was good indeed. Much better than that dark day when that bastard Duke Drederigo had invaded ten years ago......

The evil man had been defeated most soundly, and she herself rescued and mind restored (she'd been altered into a plaything for Drederigo and his cronies). She had no memories of the events from her capture and being dragged bodily down to the cell where that one mysterious mage had cast a spell and had transformed her from middle aged human woman to the hamadryad she now was.

Oh, there had been some adversity and tears from then to now, but for the most part she'd been very pleased with life.

Besides that, she always had been a "morning person."

As she stretches, feeling the warmth of the sun on her face and body, her sister comes rushing into the garden.

"Sis, we have a problem," Anina 2 says without preamble, "We seem to have yet MORE guests....but this time, they need you personally."

As soon as Anina learns of the visitors plight, she knows how much her aid was needed..... INDEED! It had all to due with the nature of nature spirits like herself that, if left unchecked in the coming chaos.....

Anina, using every means possible, is able to accomplish a miracle and get a shuttle to land and PERSONALLY take her and Anina 2 to the very spot where Belboz the ghost and the two girls from offworld (and off dimension) are.

  1. She then, using her mastery of the powers she inherited upon becoming what she was now, caused the trees that embraced their new companions, to bring the young ladies Fred and Belboz to come forth.....

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