Road Trip Silencio

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13405

Stacy couldn't believe her luck.

~~I can't believe my luck! I'm in a damn Rod Serling picture!!! I wake up one frickin' morning and don't know who I am; I see a lousy photo in a nerd-book and feel irresistably attracted to the place, so I buy myself a plane ticket and after a hop, skip and a jump on a taxi find myself in the Southwest township of nowheresville. Jeez! By coincidence I run into the author of the telescope book and now am face to face with two Hollywood actors who are playing some kinda fool-trick, or have taken too many drugs and actually think they are F.B.I. agents! Chrissakes! ~~

Yes indeed, Stacy just couldn't believe her luck!

~~OK~~ thought Betty Ragan to herself ~~here I am with a wierd girl who can't find anything better than to tell strange stories, and two Hollywood actors who sure seem to be on drugs! Not good, no, no, not good at all. What was I thinking?!? Why did I give this looney girl my phone number? Why did I agree to give her a ride to the VLA? Why did I go to her motel when I could've just as easily went home and forgotten about the whole thing?! At least I'm in a car with David Duchovny, he's cute, but friggin-a! he's gotta be on drugs or some bizarre ego-trip to keep acting like Mulder!~~

Scully was silent on the outside, but within...

~~it's Thursday, 6:23 pm and I'm in a car with a possible amnesiac, a pseudo-scientific author, and my partner who just happens to think we've crossed over into the Twilight mother never told me there'd be days like this!~~

Mulder meanwhile smiled as he drove the rental down the highway. ~~I wonder if they have a snackbar there~~

Finally they arrived at the VLA, it was still open (as the sun had not set).

  1. They park , get out, and have a look about the place
  2. A volunteer meets them at the visitors station and asks if he can help them with anything

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