Road Trip with Mulder and Scully

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13400

Betty and Stacy exchanged a bemused glance. "Uh, actually," said Betty, "we were just on our way out there, anyway. So, why not? But," and she pointed at Mulder, "you can drive."

And so they all piled into Mulder and Scully's rented vehicle and sped off down Highway 60 towards the VLA. They rode in silence for a while, until Mulder spoke up, saying "So, have any of you noticed anything... strange? Out of place? Any vague feelings that something around you just doesn't belong?" He tossed this out quite casually, as if he were making conversation about the weather.

"I certainly have," muttered Scully darkly, but Mulder ignored her, turning slightly to cast an interrogative glance at the two women in the back seat.

"Don't look at me," said Stacy. "I've lost my memory, remember? I wouldn't know what things were supposed to be like."

"I haven't," said Betty. "But I'm notoriously unobservant. Ask anybody." She paused. "Why?"

"Oh, no reason," said Mulder cheerfully. Betty and Stacy shrugged helplessly at each other, and Scully cast them an apologetic glance.

  1. Eventually, they arrived at the VLA.
  2. But just then, Betty noticed something that definitely didn't seem right.

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