Mulder Explains. Sort of. Well, OK, Not Really.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13408

"All right," said Betty. "We're here. Now what?"

"Do they have a snack bar?" asked Mulder hopefully.


Mulder made a disappointed face.

"So, just what exactly are we looking for, Mulder?" Scully asked.

But Mulder was busy staring at the radiotelescopes. "Wow. Those are pretty darned impressive."

Scully made an exasperated noise.

Meanwhile, Stacy was looked around her with a slightly dazed expression. "This does seem familiar, somehow," she muttered. "Somehow..." She thwacked the side of her head, as if that might help shake some memories back into it. It didn't.

Scully looked to be about at the end of her rope (where, needless to say, she had a fair amount of company). "Mulder! Do you want to tell me why you've dragged me out into the middle of the New Mexico desert to look at a bunch of giant satellite dishes?"

"I think this is where the intersection point is," said Mulder.

"What?!" All three of them responded together.

"Scully, do you remember what I told you on the plane?"

"You said there'd been strange... appearances here. People who seemed to appear out of nowhere, sightings of... strange creatures. But, Mulder, that's..." She trailed off.

"Um, I never heard about anything like that," said Betty.

"No, you wouldn't have," exclaimed Mulder triumphantly. "Because you aren't from this universe!" He stopped, frowning. "Or else we're not. I haven't quite figured that out yet. But..."

"Oh, Jesus, this is insane!" cried Stacy. "Why are you people doing this to me!"

Mulder was about to answer, but suddenly...

  1. A strange shimmering appeared in the air next to them... and a figure emerged!
  2. A strange shimmering appeared in the air next to them... and one of them disappeared!
  3. Stacy slapped him.

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ragan (who does think Duchovny is a babe, but will have Words with Scully if she *ever* calls me "pseudo-scientific" :))

10/6/2000 12:45:20 AM

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