Dungeon Time

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1336

Fred and Melissa were teleported. There was a brief swirl of white then they found themslelves chained to the wall in the dragon's dungeon. This was too much for Melissa and she fainted. Fred looked around. The ten by twenty cell was clean as a whistle. (The dragon kept healthy captives. Every part was stone, including the door. The lower part of it swung open so food could be shoved in. Light came from a simple magic ball in the celing. Fred did not know how one would get to the alleged food as he was firmly chained to the wall by the wrists and the ankles. Each chain was two feet long, which was fortunate, because Melissa might have otherwise hurt her joints when she fainted. Fred pondered his situation. He came to realize that he needed a better plan of attack if his mission to destroy the dragon was to succeed.

  1. The door swung open. A skeleton gaurd stood there.
  2. The door swung open. The KING stood there.
  3. The door swung open. People dressed like Melissa stood there.

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3/19/2000 7:55:14 AM

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