The Dragon Laughs

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1320

Fred attempted to talk to the girl, but he could understand little of what she told him (what were "TV", "phone", "credit cards" and "New York"?). She in turn seemed to have trouble in understanding him. He began to wonder if the poor girl was insane, perhaps unhinged by the shock of being teleported. He did manage to find out that her name was Melissa, though.

The girl's clothes were outlandish too. Apart from the occasional warrior princess who adopted men's garb, in Fred's experience women always wore long gowns. This girl wore a knee- length skirt, a tightfitting garment over her upper body which left most of her arms bare (t-shirt) and a pair of rather grubby white shoes in a style that Fred did not recognise (trainers).

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they heard the unmistakable sound of what could only be dragon laughter. As Melissa screamed, everything went momentarily black around them. Then they found themselves:

  1. In what to Fred seemed a very strange place indeed. "My apartment!" cried Melissa joyfully.
  2. Chained to the wall in the dragon's dungeon.
  3. In the middle of what appeared to be an arctic waste. Neither of them was dressed for this, especially Melissa.

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3/31/1999 9:21:40 AM

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