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Fred 3 D'Honaire - Sent to kill the Dragon Velus, he rescued Astra and defeated the dragon. But he and Astra were then banished to the Calamari Desert by the Dragon Minestus. Soon after, the two were turned into demifoxes and given the mysterious Crystallic by the dying Dragon Malachi. They sought out the mage Synizn and found him. He took the Crystallic, returned them to their human forms and transported them to Aqualaria. They got married, Astra gave birth to septuplets and they lived happily ever after. Until Synizn walked back into their lives a couple of months later that is. And on their way to the lost city of Atlantis Fred found himself transported to Terra-Prime.

Astra 3 D'Honaire - She's hip, she's cool, she's the mother of Fred's kids. In Astra's language, lorimar means "Voyager". She took this name because she and Para-Astra share a strong sense of sympatico. However, with the revelation of Seeker's treachery AND the fact that those aboard the Federation Starship Voyager had made themselves incredibly unpopular with the others.... Astra 3 decided to just drop the idea all together.

The Children D'Honaire - Thomas, Richard, Harry, Elizabeth, Elinor, Theresa, and Melisande.

DemiFox Synizn - First he was a dragon, then he was a werebear, and now he's a four foot tall demifox. And the local Dragon Circle has put a price on his head. But that's what you get when you're the owner of the mysterious Crystallic. Lucky for him during a trip to the lost city of Atlantis he ended up a multiverse away from his enemies on a world we like to call Terra-Prime.

Dragon Sigin - He's Synizn's bestest friend (now that Malachi is dead anyway) and when Synizn showed up asking for a boat ride to Atlantis Sigin couldn't help but say yes. Now totally head over heels in love with Malachi Dronocis (Regent Malachi) and will do anything for her (and vice versa...remember that!)

Dr.Vincent - He's a wizard, he's a scientist, he was kidnapped by the spirit of his now-dead analog who needed a helping hand with his plans for gaining a body that had more protoplasm than ectoplasm. But the good Doctor turned the tables and proved there was room for only one Vincent Priceless on Terra-Prime.


Fred 4 D'Honaire - Think Fred 3, except this Fred actually made it to Atlantis. Once there though he was kidnaped by the Dragon Moreau, trapped on her private island and turned into a horny demifox. But soon thereafter Moreau was killed by Carradene 2 and Fred escaped Moreau's island prison by being transported to Terra-Prime.

Astra 4 Thessamer - Think Astra 3, except this lady actually made it to Atlantis, was kidnaped by the Dragon Moreau and then turned into a horny demifox. As long as she's with her cutey pie Fred 4, she can call any place home.

The Children D'Honaire - Think the children of Fred 3 and Astra 3 except that (you guessed it) they actually made it to Atlantis. And they even share the exact same names: Thomas, Richard, Harry, Elizabeth, Elinor, Theresa, and Melisande. Just put a 2 after their name (they've grown to actually LIKE that idea!

Synizn - Think Demifox Synizn of Terra-3, except that this ex-dragon made it to Atlantis, was kidnaped by the Dragon Moreau and then turned into a horny demifox, etc.etc.etc.. Due to the other "Synizns" before him having already having been renamed before his arrival, there was no need for him also being renamed.

Sigin Vulpine - One day his best friend Synizn showed up and asked for a boat ride to Atlantis. He said yes. Maybe he shouldn't have (but then again, he's just happy as a clam as he is now...). Next thing he knew he'd been turned into a demifox by the Dragon Moreau who was then killed by the manwolf Carradene and then a sudden shifting of the dimensional fabric of space/time sent him straight to Terra-Prime.

Rosepaw - Once just a simple fox, now she's an intelligent shefox familiar and the mother of Sigin Vulpine's kids. Able to look after her handful of demifox kitsl (if she had actual hands) via telekinetic ability and spells, she's a very upbeat personality!

Carradene 2 - A prisoner of the Dragon Moreau, his only hope lay in the Dragon Malachi. But when he found out she was dead, the kid gloves came off and Carradene went head to head with Moreau. And he actually won. But the happy ending took a left turn when he suddenly had a change of address and wound up on Terra-Prime.


Dragon Fred D'Honaire - Sent to kill the Dragon Minestus, he was cursed and became a manfox manimal, just like ManFox Fred of Terra-Prime. But when the Dragon Malachi fell from the sky the only way to save her life was to make her a manimal too. hey then fell in love when Malachi's Dragon Nature forced an "Eye Meets Eye" condition (instant love, basically). . And then he and Malachi were transported to Terra-Prime. But with the help of a little magic, this ManFox Fred analog then became the one and only Dragon Fred.

Lady Dragonaire (aka MALACHI D'HONAIRE) - She came to save the manimals and ended up being the one who was saved instead. But she found herself turned from a dragon into a shefox. At least that is until she and Fred found themselves on Terra-Prime and in the company of some refugees from Terra-4. With the help of a Crystallic she got her old body back and turned her boyfriend into the cutest dragon since Smaug. So cute that she and Fred got married.

Rafael - He's young and he's a rebel. His real dad, Carradene, was lynched by the Pack 2. Now he's found a new dad, the Carradene of Terra-Prime. This is one boy who thinks adoption isn't a dirty word.

The Pack 2 - A duplicate of Terra-Prime's Pack, they showed up on a used pirate ship and then disappeared into the landscape. Where have they gone? What are they doing? What do they want? Well, the answer to those pressing questions are rather complex. The short of it is that those who'd lynched "their" Carradene had splintered off from the horrified group of Manimals that had gone off with Alicia 2's group....eventually we found them. Problem was, due to bowing to their darker nature more and more finally pushed them over the edge and they were mere Foresaken (and thus needed put them out of their misery). Alicia 2's group soon joined up with the other Pack....and now the united Packs are one big happy manimal family!


Lady Alicia 2 John - She's a princess from an exotic land. Mystical and beautiful she's an alluring mystery with a beef against vampires. Is now an advisor to her royal Regent, Malachi Dronocis.


Fred 5 Thessamer - He killed the Dragon Velus, was changed into a demifox and then went looking for Synizn. But he never found him. He did find two jokers of his world by the names of Rift and Tarin though. Forced to go and lead them to the hoard of the deceased dragon Minnestus (who'd been killed in a similar fight that had happened on Fred 1-4's world), eventually through a quirk of fate he regained his human form. Through the actions of the Mad Dwarf Tarin, they all (sans Rift) ended up on Terra Prime. Through the actions of the mysterious Rule 179, his and Astra 5's souls are joined together forever in love. 0

Black Astra (aka ASTRA-5) - After the death of Velus, a trip to the Calamari, a transformation into a demifox and a visit to Walants, Astra found herself pregnant, blackmailed, and a darker shade of black. At this point though, she at least has returned to her original look.

The Children Thessamer - Arnold, Jonathan, Erin, Sylvia, Helena, Janicesti, and Sigourney.

Mad Tarin - His name was Tarin and he was mad (as in completely looney toons). Using his world's Crystallic, he teleported the others to Terra Prime. Captured while trying to kill his analog of Terra Prime, he soon was executed. ‘Nuff said and little love lost.

Home (Earths 1-6 under Military Protection)
(AKA the place where the Military comes from)

Capt.Standern - aka Capt.Sternden, aka Capt.Sterndeck,. The Personel Department always has trouble with his rather unusual first and last every once in a way.....
He's the Big Man In Charge, the point man for the Alliance. From his state of the art Battle Cruiser "Saratoga" orbiting Terra-Prime his mission is to keep the Lizard Men away while the Military mines (Military, since the Alliance of our branch of multi-reality splintered in two...with the Company being the other half). as Tiberium (which is still a hot commodity, since it makes a great Dilithium Crystal substitute). That is, until five years ago when he retired (after a grande military career). Happily back with his surviving family (son died in tragedy right before Enemy/Alliance War ended). Rest well, deserve it.

Probe - The one and only me. Since that sad affair of Operation Lumination had been created to bridge the gaps left from that spacecraft from Roswell....sad state of affairs that, but nothing that can be altered now....alas. If things had gone differently, perhaps a multi-numbered quasi collective intelligence could have been made (oh, but I'd rather fond of the human model they used....despite the cost....makes me feel closer to the human cousins). Anyway, I am no longer a multitasking positronic gee whiz bang overachiever (instead, I'm a mutlitasking magical equivalent gee whiz bang overachiever). That, and I am now bound to a single body, a single conscious perspective. I have become what the people of Terra-Prime call a golem. Now semi-retired, I and Inquirer are now something of liason's between the Military and the powers of Terra Prime. That, and I'm something more. Champion of Rules and Agents..... An Ethiopian Count (aye, still roll my eyes whenever I'm called "Count Zero.")..... And husband to Evis 7, long time love from back when I and she were AIs (we and the rest of the Family/Military AI Unit converted themselves to Terran golems)....

That and I'm nowthe head of Terran Prime's United Nations Intelligence Taskforce (oh, but I wish I'd seen that show before I chose that name....sigh). Also found that I had a magical gift, so now practice magery as well as everything else.

Inquirer - Like myself, Inquirer, my daughter, is no longer a true AI but has become a centrally active entity with a narrow band participatory interface. In other words, we can't be in two places at once anymore. This new state of being effected her career in a similar way as mine. Except she's Marquis Inquirer of Ethiopia.....and gotten sweet on that one Time Lord. Oh, not that I'm knocking Dr. Who....just a father thing not quiet satisfied with those who their children finally chose as their loves.... Along with the fact that she'd love to "roleplay" fantasy games (and play a female mage).....she's very happy with her new form and lot in life as golem and magic user..... That and likes going about with the Doctor's group and see the universes (as well as being a Champion of Rules and Agents)....

Seeker - A sneaking, traitorous, conspiring, murderous disgrace to all artificial life forms. In pursuit of his own nefarious objectives he sought to prolong the terrible war between the Alliance and the Lizard Men. But when he tried to kidnap Fred and Astra (which ones doesn't really matter) we stopped him by imprisoning his consciousness in a soul gem. He was soon executed by local authorities because of his crimes. So he died without a real body to call his own....fitting in a way, somehow.

Ajax - The AI responsible for setting in motion the Alliance decision to exterminate all dragons on Terra-Prime. When Minestus' trickery was discovered, he felt so bad about it he committed suicide. But as a cyber-ghost he redeemed himself and was allowed to pass on to the Great Beyond with full grace.

The Phantoms - Think CIA, MI5, KGB, IRS. They're sneaky SOBs who've decided to make a deal with the Lizard Men. Still working for their buddies back in the Company (and good riddance). No longer an issue.

The Military - One of two organizations that make up the Alliance, they're brave and committed and are really good at blowing things up. also good at running to the rescue of certain Federation people when another group of Enemy show up......and dump something called Omega all over that universe.....

The Company - The other organization that makes up the Alliance. If the Military is like a machine, the Company is the grease that makes it run smooth. And if you believe that, I've got swampland in the mythical land of Florida that I'd like to sell you! We made ourselves, over the course of years, more and more independent from those bastards (if we ever came to blows with them). Pity that they took similar steps with us in as far as building their own fighting forces..... But that's past and nothing to do about it now. A cease fire has been declared and we now have an uneasy piece between our half of things and their half of things. Sigh. No longer an issue.

The Syndicate - A criminal organization of great power and influence. But how much of it survived the phage and the nuke attack? Disbanded and/or swallowed by smaller, rival organizations. Leader, the Crimson King, now thought to be dead. I think that it could have somethign to do with the death of Zerm the Unspeakable, somehow.... But that's only a "gut" feeling.

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