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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13213

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File Name: Terra-Prime slash Dimensional Analogs
Re: Issue of Names and "Nine Man Morris*"
AKA passcode: Confusion on Infinite Terras
Format: Narrative [ Informal ] =Colloquial=


ManFox Fred - Sent to kill the Dragon Minestus, he was cursed and became a manfox manimal. He fell in love with SheFox Alicia and the two eventually defeated the Dragon.

SheFox Alicia - The daughter of a king, the wife of a dragonslayer, and one sexy hot momma.

Queen Astra LaPost - Captured by the Dragon Minestus, she was saved by Fred's cousin Willian LaPost and the two fell in love. Aqualaria was invaded by the evil Duke Dred and the Queen Mother was slain. But after Dred's defeat Astra became the new Queen and Will became her King.

King Willian LaPost - He's Fred's cousin and Astra's husband. That makes him King of the Amazons. So don't mess with him. Also is now the Head of Aqualarian Secret Intelligence, but that fact isn't publicized at all. Assumes a facade of a fop to better hide the keen mind inside that head of his.

ManBear Synizn - Almost killed by other-dimensional super-warriors, he was changed from a dragon into a manimal manbear in order to save his life. He is a master mage and likes to mambo, surprisingly enough.

Regent Malachi - Fleeing from other-dimensional super-warriors, the dragonness Malachi settled down in Ethiopia. With the royal family dead and Malachi being such a nice and helpful person, the people asked her to be their ruler.

Natthias John - He's an ex-king, ex-werejackal, ex-psycho killer and full time paladin fighting for truth, justice and the Ethiopian way! Oh, and he's Alicia's dad too. Will not return to Ethiopia because it has too many painful memories of departed family and friends.

Loam - A towering manwolf with a heart of gold, he's ManFox Fred's second-in-command. Is a staunch advocate of democracy, which landed him in hot water and eventually lead up to his becoming a manwolf (details which are too long to list here).

Carradene - The Manimal Pack's number one mage and ManFox Fred's second second-in-command.

Duke Drederigo - Fred's father, he betrayed his race to the dragon Minestus. Current Status - Burning in Hell.

Duke Zular - A drug addicted egomaniac with a mean selfish streak. Current Status - Burning in Hell.

Dead Vincent - He's a wizard, he's a scientist, he's a paranoid spirit of vengeance bent on escaping from the spirit world back to the world of the living. Current Status - Burning in Hell.

Belboz - A necromancer with a heart. Sort of. He's dead so his heart beat is kind of non-existent. But he means well. And he's the best ghostbuster in town. Currently on a quest to release those unfortunate souls still stuck in ghost status by cremating (with aid) each and every necropolis left over from coming of the Phage. It's a big job, but he's got plenty of time to do it....since he's a ghost himself.

Rift - He's an ex-lawyer who became the sheriff of Walants when everyone else who wanted the job died of the Phage.

Tarin Gazin - Was Rift's right-hand dwarf, but now is the King of his clan due to some fancy political footwork by using the gift and promise of the ultra advanced art of Military metallurgy to entice his (and other) dwarven clans to his point of view on things. The two are best buddies even though Tarin has a touch of magic in him which makes him slightly unstable sometimes. But of course this became moot with the passing of the slipgates (since his magic touch was linked to that magical wonder). Tarrin found religion while injured long ago, and with recent events with Diane Walker (an all appearances.....avatar of the Forge....a Head Dwarven God).....has helped lead his and other clans into a radical transformation of dwarven society to mimic the ideals of Military life (oh voy).


Lord Fred 1 D'Honaire - Sent to kill the Dragon Velus, he rescued Astra and defeated the dragon. But he and Astra were then banished to the Calamari Desert by the Dragon Minestus. Soon after, the two were turned into demifoxes and given the mysterious Crystallic by the dying Dragon Malachi. They sought out the mage Synizn but instead found themselves transported to Terra-Prime.

Lady Astra 1 D'Honaire - She's hip, she's cool, she's Fred's wife and the mother of his kids. Initially scared (yes, scared) of the idea of being "tied down" by marriage and motherhood, she intially wasn't too keen upon the idea of both, but soon her heart prevailed and she became both. Also, as part of the process of mending fences between herself and the elder D'Honaires, she took the last name of D'Honaire.

The Children D'Honaire - Justin, Synizn, Alonso, Malachi, Carrin, Violet, and Troi.

Fredrina D'Honaire - Fred Thessamar's sister, she's a spitfire with tresses.


Lord Fred 2 Thessamar - Sent to kill the Dragon Velus, he rescued Astra and defeated the dragon. But he and Astra were then banished to the Calamari Desert by the Dragon Minestus. Soon after, the two were turned into demifoxes and given the mysterious Crystallic by the dying Dragon Malachi. They sought out the mage Synizn and found him. And then all three were transported to Terra-Prime.

Astra 2 Thessamar - In Astra's language, Para means "Traveler". She was given a message from her gods never to forget that her stay on Terra-Prime was only temporary. Sooner or later she would find herself traveling on. Whether she wanted to or not. Of course, with the revelation that this "divine" message was nothing but a fabrication by the treacherous AI known as Seeker (who'd assumed the identity of the Oracle after he'd killed her) had delivered it to her. Apparently, it was all part of a long term ruse to lull Astra into a sense of acceptance to better be able to abduct her in the near future. When the treachery was revealed, the angered Astra dropped the "Para" part of her name and is a little more cynical at times because of this sad event (may that Seeker rot in Bill Gate's Domain!) In the meantime she keeps busy kicking butt as well as enjoying motherhood and matrimony with her husband Fred.

The Children Thessamer - Ronald, Adam, Alexander, Judith, Meliena, Patricia, and Sabrina.

Dragon Synizn - He's an ex-lycanthropic dragon who used to change into a werebear every time the moon was full. He'd been rather pissed off by that (since the means he'd needded to stop from succumbing to the lycanthropic nature made his life rather....austere), but thanks Tiamat (the Dragon Goddess) for being cured and being able to resume his rightful form. Initially stiff and standoffish about how "human" some of the other Dragons were, he eventually lightened up and is now a bit himself (comes with close contact and interaction with Human Beings....something that the Council of Wyrms had been dead set against because of the "corruption" of the dragon ideals).

Duke Dredrick D'Honaire - Fred2's daddy. Searching for his missing son, he found a magic mirror in Minestus' lair and then found himself transported to Terra-Prime. He's brave, honest, and fair, and has adopted some phrases of the early James Bond he now resembles. (Creator, I wish that they'd listened to me before chosing that new face of his to hide his resemblance to the now dead and departed Duke Drederigo.....). Still, it's kind of fun to listen to him mug about wanting drinks "shaken....not stirred."

Duchess Champlaine D'Honaire - She's Fred2's momma and Dred's classy wife.

Duke Zular<aka Dark Trilling> - Pick an Terra, any Terra, and Zular will almost always end up being the bad guy. Or in this case, a manic-depressive magically enchanted gryphon with a split personality. Zular becomes the darker half of Trilling Blackfeather, Dark Trilling. The other part that is the light and heroic Light Trilling (conclusion reached after much magical examination). Whether or not this is actually true, the "Dark Trilling" part of the ebony griffin has been exorcized and cast out into the bowels of Hell (or whatever).

*Note: "Nine Man Morris" is a popular fairy tale on Terra about friendly (!) opposed to a Middle Age Earth board game....

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