Dragon Synizn then.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13215


He gives of a snorting sound and then drops the mug of beer in his hand, which hits the ground but does not break.

"Hey, you were talking something fierce there," Probe says concerned, "It wasn't too clear, but some of it sounded like.....English. Where'd you learn it?

The dragon (presently in human form) blinks blearily at the person, the AI, who'd saved him from falling to his death so long ago when the skies had turned turquoise, questions and odd feelings running around in his gut. The prominent ones are not concerning a language that he'd never really spoken before (though he'd heard the Oulanders speak it on occasion...jst never learned to speak it beyond through spell or magical item). Rather, they centered around himself. Most of the questions could be summed up as "Am I really like that?" As for feelings, it was an unexpected sense of....self loathing, totally unexpected.

"Probe....I've been....such an ass," the dragon mage slurs, tears leaking from his eyes, "I'll do beetter....beter, though. Promise on my honor and by my Hoard!"

Probe blinks, not quiet sure what to make of that. But he does know that whatever that acutally meant....two things are apparent. One is, by that rather dire oath, Dragon Synizn was now bound (at risk of his lifeforce) to carry it out. The other is that questions on what it means will have to wait.

  1. The dragon mage is now snoring again, having passed out.
  2. The dragon mage is now snoring again, having passed out. (alternate)

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