Belinda's Story, Part 4

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12479

Note: Normally, I'm a one-episode-at-a-time sort of writer. However, this time, I'll be posting a whole string of episodes to this thread, for reasons that will become apparent soon. I'll say when I'm done.

"I found myself in a strange place," Belinda continued. "I was outside a city, with jagged black walls. There was darkness everywhere, not just absence of light but darkness. This may sound strange, but it almost seemed alive.

"A whole group of people were coming toward me. They looked a lot like the man who I had seen before I touched the monolith. I couldn't tell wether they were male or female. All their eyes reflected the moonlight in the same way that the man I'd seen did. I wanted to run, but for some reason I couldn't. I was frozen in place. They kept moving in.

"Then, there was a flash of light from behind me. I looked. The source of the light was something that looked like a rip in space. The strange men were startled, and were too dazzled by the light to move.

"I found that I could move again now. Not knowing how long that light would be there, I leaped right into it.

"And so I ended up here. I was right outside the pyramid. I figured out how to get in, much as you did, and found my way here."

"Interesting," said the "original" Astra. "I'd like to think about this more, but there's one thing I'd like to know first. Is there anywhere I can eat lunch? I'm starving."

"I agree with Astra," said the "original" Fred. "After everything I've been through, something to eat would certainly help."

"Of course we do," said the second Astra. "After all, we wouldn't have survived all this time if we hadn't been had any source of..."

Then, there was a flash of light, cutting off Astra's speech. Everyone who had weapons pulled them out.

Everyone's eyes turned to where the flash of light had been. There was a man there. He was about 19 years old, of Asian descent, wearing clothing that looked very strange to the Freds and Astras. He was looking very disoriented.

  1. "Uh, hello," he said. "My name's Scott Chen, and..."

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