A Meeting of the Generations

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 13233

Shaking off his disorientation, Scott looked around. The room was a dimly lit library, full of ancient, medieval-looking books. All around him were a group of people: two identical men in knight’s armor, two identical gorgeous red-haired women in tight clothing, and an attractive blonde girl about a year younger than Scott. This place really didn’t seem very strange at all, compared to some of the places Scott had been.

”Um,” said Scott, still disoriented. “Hello, my name is Scott Chen, and...” he really couldn’t think of anything better to say. The process of coming here had still disoriented him, not to mention the prescence of the two lovely redheads.

”Welcome,” said one of the knights. “I’m the Lord Frederigo D’Honaire, as is this man. He’s my counterpart from a parallel universe. This,” he said, indicating the redhead, “is the Princess Astra of Aqualaria and her counterpart, and this,” he said indicating the blonde, “is Belinda, her sister. How did you come to be here?”

“Well,” Scott responded, “I was sent here. By some weird wizard guy. I was being chased around a shopping mall in space--”

”A what in space?” asked one of the Frederigos, confused.

”Its too hard to explain,” said Scott. “It’s kind of like a marketplace. Anyway, I was being chased by some evil-looking guys with white eyes and then some wizard popped up and told me I was needed here. I forget his name--it was something that began with an S. Anyway, I’m here now, so do any of you guys know what we should do?”

”To be honest, no,” said one of the Astras. “We’re all as much in the dark about all this as you are. I’d prefer not to explain all of what happened to us again just yet, as we just explained this to Belinda. But the people you mention who were chasing you sound similar to the people who were trying to capture Belinda earlier.”

”Interesting,” said Scott. “Well, tell me when you’re ready to talk. I’d like some lunch, please.”

”As a matter of fact,” said Fred “we were just about to do just that.”

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Time Warrior (who's not done just yet...BTW the shopping mall in space thing wasn't supposed to be a specific Addventure episode, just the general sort of thing you'd see in Game 3.)

11/17/2000 4:24:16 PM

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