A Wizard Asks For Helena

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12476

Helena, who had been Annafrid, who had been Hannah, who had been Fred, couldn't understood how she could have got such a simple spell wrong. And how had she got into this body, how did she know where she was and who everyone was? Most importantly, where had her magical ability gone?

"I asked you a question, girl," bellowed Mistress Cratchet, interrupting Helena's thoughts. "Er, I'm sorry, Mistress Cratchet. I'll get on with scrubbing the floor right away." "Leave that for now. One of the wizards wants to see you at once, though why he should want to see a good-for-nothing such as you I can't imagine. It's Wizard Prang who has asked for you. Don't keep him waiting."

Helena knew that Prang was one of the less senile of the wizards who had retired to the castle. She made an attempt to tidy her hair, adjusted her blouse as best she could (prompting yet another question - should her breasts really be so big?) and then hurried to Wizard Prang's room high in the keep. She knocked on the heavy oaken door.

  1. After a moment, she heard the bolt being withdrawn, and then the door was opened.

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8/26/2000 7:09:19 AM

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