Chess with the Dragon Master!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 12478

After a moment, she heard the bolt being withdrawn, and then the door was opened.

"Ahha! You've finally arrived!" an old and wrinkled man, Prang, cackles, "Come to me, Slave!"

Helena, formerly Annafrid, formerly Fred, formerly Hannah, gasps and feels herself stiffen and move stiffly into the old mage's room.

A feeling of dread courses through her heart. She had been hoping that in the course of events she'd learn what had happened to her and her powers. What her quest to tame the dragon and then defeat it's master would come to with her finding herself in a woman called Helena.....

She has a feeling that she's going to find out, but not in a way she had wanted....for she has a dreadful feeling that the very master of the dragon that she'd been out to defeat.....

I should have sought out the master before the dragon, she manages to think before stopping before the evilly leering old man.

A woman with pale blue skin and a pale blue gown and bright white eyes, levitating about a foot off the ground, stares down at the gutted body of the one who'd been slaughtered by the now smoldering burnt dwarves......

  1. Chelene of the Mountain Faerie had, after contacting old friends within the Court, had turned back to see via how her human benefactor was doing....

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