The Never Ending Quest - Episode 109515

Belboz was restocking for the second time in a small village, and unfortunately for her, a witch was there at the same time, doing some restocking of her own. She was seated in the shadows and went completely unnoticed by Belboz--which was how she was able to cast a spell on the unsuspecting wench that would induce a deep sleep.

Belboz had no way of detecting the casting, but when her muscles began to betray her, her steps slow, and her eyelids grow heavy, she knew something was wrong. When she tripped for the first time, only half conscious at this point, she was caught by a figure she'd barely noticed walking beside her. "Oh my dear," came the voice of an old woman, but it reached her as if she were underwater. "You poor tired thing. Come, let's get you someplace you can rest."

  1. Belboz retained the presence of mind to touch her ring to her would-be captor's hand, and the crone instantly crumpled to the ground. Of course, Belboz was right behind her.
  2. Belboz couldn't think anymore, and slipped into unconsciousness.

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