Threat of Age

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 109523

She woke up gagged and chained to a wall by both hands and both feet. She tried to shake the veil of sleep from her mind, but found it abnormally difficult. Finally she realized than an overweight, warty old crone dressed all in black was standing before her.

"You're quite the catch," purred the old hag. "Your youth will be delicious."

The ring was still on her finger, she was pretty sure, but the chains binding her hands to the wall were very short, and her arms were stretched above her. Reaching the crone would be a problem.

  1. The crone placed both hands on Belboz's head, and she felt her youth begin to drain away.
  2. The crone approached Belboz, but the girl managed to dislodge her gag, and cried, "Wait! I'm a necromancer in a young girl's body! I can't do magic now, but if you release me, I will make it worth your while!"

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