Long Journey

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 109509

It was hardly convenient, but this was the only place he could be sure his own body would be safe. At least his spirit would be able to travel back here quickly after the wedding.

He--she--packed up all the provisions she would need for the four-month journey. Fortunately she had a few magical items that would make the trip much easier and safer: a knapsack that held an entire room inside it (she'd just have to stash it somewhere and she could sleep inside, plus it made the matter of carrying everything much easier), and an enchanted ring (a single touch to bare skin would immediately incapacitate a person).

The journey was going fairly smoothly. Then...

  1. after one week, Belboz realized she was lost when she came across a village many miles from her intended path.
  2. after three weeks, Belboz was passing through a dark forest when a group of bandits got the drop on her. When she woke up, hands and feet bound, she found that her knapsack and ring were gone.
  3. after five weeks, a brawl between two magic users broke out at the inn where Belboz was eating.
  4. after two months, Belboz's youth and beauty caught the eye of an old witch.
  5. after two and a half months, Fred unexpectedly regained control of Lilith's body.
  6. after three months, Belboz was taking a shortcut through a forest that she hadn't realized was enchanted.
  7. after three and a half months, Belboz had run out of supplies and had to resort to thievery, but was caught.
  8. after four months, Belboz arrived at the prince's castle without mishap.

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