Two Minds Meld and Clash

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10942

After some discussion, Fred and Astra decided that they would leave the caves and head for Aqualaria. For once, both had agreed without a lot of argument. It was obvious that the threat the Cardasii posed was more important than killing the Dragon and curing Astra's curse.

Luckily, they didn't get lost, because Velus was able to retrace their steps using his sense of smell. So they soon reached the entrance to the cave.

As they left the cave, Fred reflected on their situation. He had to admit, a part of him had enjoyed it when Astra had been so shocked at the revalation that Karator had blown up. It had been nice for a change to know something that the Princess didn't know, rather than the other way around. Fred's sense of honor and compassion dictated that he had to help protect the Princess, and she was a useful ally in his battle against the Cardasii, but did she have to be such an arrogant, supercilious...

"What did you call me?" asked Astra, angrily.

This quite startled Fred. "I--I--I didn't call you anything, Astra."

"You called me arrogant and supercilious, and were about to call me something worse."

"No, I wasn't," said Fred, very confused. He was quite startled, becuase that was exactly what he had been thinking at that moment.

"Well, try not to think out loud again," said Astra, archly. "I can't believe the Elementals chose him."

"Perhaps you shouldn't question your Elementals' judjment," said Fred, just as archly.

Now it was Astra's turn to be confused. "I didn't!" she said. Then, a look of realization came over her face. "I think I know what's going on. Velus, did you hear Fred call me arrogant and supercilious?"

Velus answered no.

"I suppose I have to apologise," said Astra. Or at least it seemed like she had said it. "I think we can read each other's thoughts. Why, I don't know. I think I'm going to hate this." Fred realized that when Astra had said that last sentence, it had had a different quality to it than the rest of what Fred had heard. So probably, that was her thoughts. And he had to admit, he didn't like the idea of this very much either. "Perhaps it was the skeletons. Maybe they did it in punishment for killing one of them." [ref:2012

"Or maybe to help us on our quest," Astra speculated. "After all, that could be useful to us at some point. At some point, we might want to converse without being heard by those around us, and this would allow us to do that. And I don't see why the skeletons would punish both of us for something you did. I tried to stop you."

  1. Fred, Astra, and Velus went to the nearest village to rest and plan their route to Aqualaria.
  2. Fred, Astra, and Velus found that their way was blocked.
  3. Gathering

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