Hiya, sailor!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1070

Sir Josh, as quickly and safely as he can, back away from the Emperor, and goes out to find somebody else to talk with to pass the time. He settles for a Navy guy in working blues. The sailor is a petty officer, third class, by the "crow" he has on his left shoulder's sleeve.

"Mind if I sit here?" Josh asks.

"Nothing's stopping you, Josh." the man says, not even looking up from his books. Josh notices that it's called "Island in the Sea of Time" by S.M. Stirling.

"What . . . how did you know my name?!" Sir Josh sputters. "And that's Sir Josh."

"And I'm called Crossroads Man, among other things." Crossroads Man says. "I'm also called: Red Shirt, E. Nigma, and other names. And as to how I knew, I've . . . . come across on of you fellow brother in arms in other story threads. Sir Josh is having a rough time, some people named MSG and WolfRun turned him into a were-fox . . . Interesting story."

"Uh, okay." Josh says in a wary voice.

  1. Sir Josh decides to leave the bus, ASAP!
  2. Sir Josh tries to learn more about this story about Sir Josh.
  3. Sir Josh goes and tries to talk to another passanger.
  4. Something else.

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3/19/1999 2:21:54 PM

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