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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1267

"Of course," said E. Nigma, "it's not anywhere near as interesting as that...other...thread..."

"What other thread?" said Josh, cautiously.

"Why, As the Fur Flies, of course! That's the thread where several different threads that I was writing were linked together...and some very interesting things happen!"

"Yes, er, interesting," said Josh. He had to get away from this weirdo as fast as possible. "I'm not in that too, am I?" He hoped he wasn't. Alternate realities, how silly. There's no possibility that anything like that could possibly...

At that moment, somebody appeared in midair, fell down, and hit E. Nigma's computer. He was severely injured by the fall, it looked like. Josh realized with a shock that he was Lord Fred! But how could that be? Fred was dead!

E. Nigma said...

  1. "Somebody call an ambulance! Now!"
  2. "Agh! My computer! He broke my computer!"
  3. Nothing, because...

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