What's in a Name...?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1065

"I'm glad you asked me that question," smiled the woman. "You see, Emperor Cartagia--pronounced 'kahr-TAH-jhah', by the way--is my very favourite villian from the television show 'Babylon 5'. It's not that I actually am trying to trick people into thinking I'm a GUY, and I don't REALLY think I'm a monarch of any kind, I just use his name because I like the character, and because hardly anyone else uses the name, so I won't be mistaken for someone else. I use his name often enough on the Internet that I've got several people calling me 'The Evil Emperor' and thinking nothing of it! Plus, Cartagia IS awfully..." she gestured limp-wristedly "...foofy, for a guy. Rather feminine. So it's not all THAT off for me to use his name... Oh, and on 'Addventure', you know, that CD rom you got earlier today, I call myself 'Notorious'. But that's on Game Three. I've never played Game Two, which is what you have. It had been shut down for quite a long time before I discovered the website."
"I see," said Sir Josh, now completely bored to tears. Although he liked science-fiction he had never seen "Babylon 5", and he had never seen this "Game Three", so he had NO idea what she was talking about.
He then decided to...

  1. ...ask her where she got those funky crushed velvet pants.
  2. ...look around for yet ANOTHER weirdo to talk to.
  3. ...jump out the bus window and see what happened.

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...Emperor Cartagia

3/10/1999 11:24:15 PM

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