Fred lands heavily but will recover

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 104640

Fred the Blue Dragon flails with all seven limbs as he falls through the illusionary floor, his brain firing off a few rapid-fire thoughts - FLY! HOW? where's up? FLOOR! - before landing heavily on his right wing-shoulder and tumbling to find himself sprawled mostly on his back.

The still-quite-inexperienced blue dragon lays still for a few moments, breathing heavily while he waits for the room to stop spinning. His ears were ringing something fierce from when his head slammed backwards, though his horns absorbed some of the shock. As the adrenaline starts to wear off, he gradually becomes more aware of a deep throbbing in his right arm and wing as well as a general discomfort all along his spine from lying on the spikes along his back.

Why can't bodies like this come with some kind of instruction set? Fred the Blue grumbles to himself as he tries to figure out a way to roll onto his front that won't crush either of his outsprawled wings any more than they already have been. After a few moments of trying, he manages to fold up his uninjured left wing back alongside his body - but any attempt to move the right wing is answered with a sharp lance of pain that travels all through the limb and halfway down his back.

Fred snorts in rage and frustration, blasting the ceiling of the cavern with a bolt of lightning. The flash of light gives a better impression of the sheer size of the room that he's found himself in - big enough that he might've been able to practice flying, if only his wing wasn't sprained - and also knocks a few rocks loose. Fred throws his arms up to try and protect his face from the shower of debris, but the length of his forelimbs relative to his serpentine neck makes his human reflex less than adequate. Fortunately, dragon scales are the stuff of legend and even the largest rocks bounce off without causing any harm.

All right Fred. You're a knight. Pain is nothing. he thinks to himself once the rocky shower subsides. He clenches his dagger-like teeth together and forces himself to bring his injured wing in so that he can roll over and stand up. One... Two... "RRRRRRRARRRGG" he roars as he forces himself into a less vulnerable position.

Once the echoes from his mighty bellow subside, Fred hears something else. *Thump*



Fred grinds his teeth again. Oh, great. What now?

  1. Just an injured goblin on a crutch hobbling down the tunnel
  2. Just a few more rocks falling before the ceiling completely collapses
  3. Just a tiny dog pulling an unconscious semi-clad warrior woman to safety
  4. Just an ogre with a club the size of Dragon-Fred's head coming to 'tell' Fred to be quiet
  5. Just the very dragon that Fred was sent to slay looking for the source of the noise

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