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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 102997

Fred the Blue Dragon happily trundled down the corridor that Belboz indicated would take him to larger caverns where he could practice his new draconian endowments. After all, the dragon of the cave that he had been sent to slay has - presumably - been a dragon all its life. Completing his quest by slaying the resident dragon might not be a care-free romp.

A rather long scowl plays across Fred's snout for a moment as he considers that. Even if Belboz managed to turn Fred into a dragon equal in strength and power as the REAL dragon - and, come to think of it, there's no guarantee that would be the case - the local dragon has the upper wing when it comes to experience. Draco-Fred might be able to tilt the eventual encounter back towards his favour with a clever ambush or tactical use of the terrain - but again, it's the resident wyrm who already knows these caverns and tunnels.

Ah, well. The youthfully energetic of Fred's personality - buoyed in no small part by the intrinsic lighthearted nature of blue dragons - reasserts itself as Fred the Blue continues to trundle down the tunnel. How far away is that cavern anyw- !!

The tunnel Fred was following led to the top of the training cavern that Belboz had in mind, and it was a cavern big enough even for a dragon to get airborne, however briefly. Unfortunately, Fred had just discovered the hard way that one of the traps along this corridor was an illusionary floor that hid the drop. Still unused to his new body shape, centre of gravity or even the number of limbs he possessed, Fred's attempted balance recovery had him twisting completely ineffectually through the air.

  1. Luckily, something breaks Fred's fall
  2. Luckily, dragons are like cats - they always land on their feet
  3. Fred lands heavily, but will recover
  4. Fred lands badly and sprains his tail something fierce
  5. Unluckily, Fred lands neck-first. Snap

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