The Decamillenial Episode

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 10000

Fred looked around. "Where am I? I've never seen anything like this before?"

The room was indescribable. What the hell, let's describe it anyway. The walls were glimmering white, the ceiling was 50 feet high, and everywhere he looked hung beautiful pictures, dazzling chandeliers, huge mirrors, a few little bits of wire.

"You ask where you are?" said a loud voice.

"Er, yeah I guess I did."

"This is EPISODE 10000," boomed the voice. "This room was created especially to celebrate the entry of your story into the quintuple- digit era. As you might expect, this room allows you to make many choices which you would not otherwise have the privilege of."

Fred thought about this. "Of what?" he asked after a moment.


"...have the privilege of? Of what?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean to end a sentence with a preposition. I meant choices that you would not otherwise have the privilege of making."

"Oh, I see," said Fred.

"So?" the voice boomed. "What'll it be?"

  1. "Who are you?" asks Fred.
  2. "I'd guess I'd like to see Astra naked again," says Fred.
  3. "Could I just start the whole thing over?" asks Fred.
  4. "I want to kill as many people and have as much sex as possible," says Fred.
  5. "I want to do something else," says Fred.

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