From: Jeremy Selengut (selengut_at_tigr.org)
Date: Wed Sep 15 2004 - 13:51:48 PDT

Lester (the Jester) delivered the letter to the King saying,

Your majesty:

A parcel from my purse I'll give to you
For I know not who else to give it to.
I know not the knot to open it
Neither could I read it, not a bit.
I know not the Knight from whom it came
Nor the Knave, his companion, am I to blame?

Now the Knave his visage was passing fair
(I should have liked to tarry there!)
But the Knight from me his face was hid
Not by night but by his visor lid.
Any more I may have forgot, it is true
I've got amnesia, a head cold and deja vu.

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