Re: 227:4 (VALID, +2.0 style)

From: Ed Murphy (
Date: Thu Sep 16 2004 - 20:03:30 PDT

On Wed, 2004-09-15 at 13:51, Jeremy Selengut wrote:

> Lester (the Jester) delivered the letter to the King saying,
> Your majesty:
> A parcel from my purse I'll give to you
> For I know not who else to give it to.
> I know not the knot to open it
> Neither could I read it, not a bit.
> I know not the Knight from whom it came
> Nor the Knave, his companion, am I to blame?
> Now the Knave his visage was passing fair
> (I should have liked to tarry there!)
> But the Knight from me his face was hid
> Not by night but by his visor lid.
> Any more I may have forgot, it is true
> I've got amnesia, a head cold and deja vu.

Not incompatible with 227:3.  VALID.

+1.0 theme
+0.5 flavor details regarding the (purported) knight and knave
+0.5 poetry
+2.0 overall style

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