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From: Karl Low (
Date: Sat Mar 06 2004 - 11:45:51 PST

David's proposals:

1: NAY.
*Especially* the way it's worded.  A judge could conceivably direct the 
FRC to the Regular Ordinances of Agora Nomic, and declare those to be the 
ones in effect for the round (which, since Agora doesn't specify its terms 
in "rounds" would effectively take over the FRC)

2: NAY.
Impossible to enforce. As players have shown an amazing amount of cunning 
and logistical/linquistic tricks in getting around seemingly impossible 
rules, you could never determine if such a rule truly fell into the NSD 
category until after the round, at which point it is beyond the time that 
a rule can be judged (except by overrule) anyway. In addition, I find the 
terminology of "round ordinances" confusing. Do you just mean temporary 
additions to the R.O's? (Which happen once in a while)or do you mean the 
rules of the round, as the R.O's define them?

Chuck's proposal:

Basically it invalidates style points in any round where any eligible 
player puts in a rule defining who the wizard will be, unless we want to 
go through an overrule process.

Personally, I've always been in favor of granting the Wizard a small bonus 
at the beginning of the next round, for instance, a period of 24 hours at 
the start of the round during which only the Wizard(s) may post rules, and 
formalizing it in the RO's, but I'm not sure how necessary that would be.

On Sat, 06 Mar 2004 00:52:22 +0100 (CET), david <> 

> I would like to see the following two additions made to the regular
> ordinances:
> 1:  "Dealer's Choice"
> At the beginning of a round, the new judge specifies the location of the
> regular ordinances
> that will be in effect for the round
> 2: "No Sudden Death" also known as "Avoid Mornington Crescent"
> No round ordinances which would prevent further play in the round by
> then-active players may be deemed valid
> NSD is intended to prevent things like last round's forced victory.  In
> the early days rounds
> often contained such a clause as one of the early moves; I proposed that
> it be made a regular
> ordinance but it was voted down as unnecessarily restrictive.
> DC is part of my Grand Plan to make FRC more like poker.
> Whee, I feel like I'm 26 again.  It's not that much different.

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