From: david (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2004 - 15:52:22 PST

I would like to see the following two additions made to the regular

1:  "Dealer's Choice"
At the beginning of a round, the new judge specifies the location of the
regular ordinances
that will be in effect for the round

2: "No Sudden Death" also known as "Avoid Mornington Crescent"
No round ordinances which would prevent further play in the round by
then-active players may be deemed valid

NSD is intended to prevent things like last round's forced victory.  In
the early days rounds
often contained such a clause as one of the early moves; I proposed that
it be made a regular
ordinance but it was voted down as unnecessarily restrictive.

DC is part of my Grand Plan to make FRC more like poker.

Whee, I feel like I'm 26 again.  It's not that much different.

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