Re: proposals

From: Chuck Carroll (
Date: Sat Mar 06 2004 - 06:25:24 PST

1. While I'd like to see (not as part of the ROs, but just as something 
that's encouraged) the judge remind people where the ROs can be found at 
the start of each round, I definitely don't like giving the judge the 
ability to arbitrarily set the ROs, as this proposal does.  I find it 
particularly ironic that in proposal 2, the concern is round-killing moves 
by players, but proposal 1 would open the door wide to round-killing (and 
game-killing) moves by judges!  I vote NO on proposal 1.

2. While round-killing rules are a possibility, they may not be as easy as 
you think.  In fact, I think there was a way around the last alleged 
round-killer.  I thought of it at the time, but since I hadn't played in 
the round to that point I was already ineligible.  Also, round 2 provides 
another example of a rule that, at first glance, appeared to be a 
round-killer, yet another valid rule was posted after it.  I think the 
challenge of getting around what appears at first to be a round-killer can 
stimulate some of the most creative play seen in FRC.  Second, there may 
come a round which is so out of control that the only way to end it 
decisively is to use a round-killer.  I vote NO on proposal 2.


At 12:52 AM 3/6/04 +0100, david wrote:

>I would like to see the following two additions made to the regular
>1:  "Dealer's Choice"
>At the beginning of a round, the new judge specifies the location of the
>regular ordinances
>that will be in effect for the round
>2: "No Sudden Death" also known as "Avoid Mornington Crescent"
>No round ordinances which would prevent further play in the round by
>then-active players may be deemed valid
>NSD is intended to prevent things like last round's forced victory.  In
>the early days rounds
>often contained such a clause as one of the early moves; I proposed that
>it be made a regular
>ordinance but it was voted down as unnecessarily restrictive.
>DC is part of my Grand Plan to make FRC more like poker.
>Whee, I feel like I'm 26 again.  It's not that much different.

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