Re: proposals

Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 10:51:47 PST

David 1: Nay.  The proposal could be read as meaning the judge may only
specifiy a location of "regular ordinances", which would presumably
exclude rule sets for other games, but I think it still gives too much
power to the judge.  Instead, an official set of ROs should be designated
(isn't there already an official site?).  This will prevent fragmentation
and statements like "I think Ordinance #4 from RO set #7 should be

Daved 2: Nay.  Yeah - I saw several ways to get around the last rule for
the last round too.  I think you would have to be *very* smart to truly
out-wit all the players into letting you post a round-ending rule.

Chuck 1: Nay.  While I do agree that Judges should give Wizards small
bonuses more frequently, I think the wizard selection mechanism itself is
a good one.  Putting an incentive to write certain kinds of rules directly
into the ROs would constantly detract from the theme of future rounds.

Judges may, if they want, announce the way they will allocate style
points.  Doing this can have a similar effect on the round without
overriding the judge's well-earned power.


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