Re: Fwd: FRC Power

From: Arnt Gulbrandsen (
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 01:33:02 PDT

Ed Murphy writes, forwarding for "Gray Goo":
> Hi - I have been on the email list for this group for more than two 
> years and unfortunatly my attempt to post a rule this round was 
> blocked by the mail server. I attempted to sign up from the web site 
> and it, also, blocked my email! I was correctly moved from the old 
> email list, but apparently I can only listen. Arnt is also blocking 
> all email from yahoo, so I don't know how I can become registered.

Blocking yahoo is amazingly effective in terms of spam. (All free email 
providers are home to spammers, but some treat spammers better than 
others.) Besides, I resent the fact that Yahoo sells advertising space 
in my inbox (see

I can whitelist your address specifically, but I really suggest getting 
a real email address. Have a look at, for example.

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I so do love hucksterism in my inbox. Please consider moving to pobox.


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