216:11 VALID +1.50

From: Jeff Weston (Sir Toby) (jjweston_at_kenny.sir-toby.com)
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 23:11:05 PDT

On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Joshua Bearden wrote:

> All previous rule posters are wrong.  No one, from the administrator of 
> a mailing list to the military and legislative bodies in a particularly 
> aggressive terrestrial nation, has more power over the Fantasy Rule 
> Committee than it's members. While any individual member can be subject 
> to manipulation, suppression or assassination, so long as at least three 
> survive and are able to communicate via email, telephone, smoke 
> signals...  then the round can go on.  Even if our esteemed judge falls 
> foul of the powers that be,( in her  or his own nation of residence), 
> the committee need only propose a re-appointment.
> I think the power that being a committee member gives me is quite 
> intoxicating and neat.  I feel sorely tempted to abuse my position of 
> absolute power by making outlandish proposals and making havoc with this 
> round.  But I will refrain from abusing my power in such a manner 
> provided one of the two things happen: 1 - the Judge gives me a decent 
> style point award, 2 - at least five other members look me up on paypal 
> and deposit 75 Euro's into my account.
> All future rules must contain acts of corruption or abuse  by the higher 
> powers they invoke.

Validity: Proves Arnt Gulbrandsen from 216:01, Richard S. Holmes from
216:03, Arnt Gulbrandsen from 216:04, Nathan Russell from 216:06, Arnt
Gulbrandsen from 206:07, Karl Low from 206:08, and Ed Murphy from 206:09
all wrong by providing a higher power. The specified power is higher than
that of the previous valid Rule, has not been named before, has been shown
how its neat, and has been shown how it corrupts: the power of the FRC
Membership. Rule is VALID.

Style: Corruption, bribery, abuse of power. It's all here. +1.50

Jeff Weston (Sir Toby)

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