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Hi - I have been on the email list for this group for
more than two years and unfortunatly my attempt to
post a rule this round was blocked by the mail server.
 I attempted to sign up from the web site and it,
also, blocked my email!  I was correctly moved from
the old email list, but apparently I can only listen. 
Arnt is also blocking all email from yahoo, so I don't
know how I can become registered.

If you can help me sign me up I am interested in
participating in future rounds.


--- Ed Murphy <emurphy42_at_socal.rr.com> wrote:
> The people of the United States could conceivably
> remove Congress from
> power by physical force.  Especially if they were
> backed by the United
> States Army, which has many staff sergeants and
> privates first class
> that keep things tidy.  And neat.
> Subsequent rules must prove me wrong by finding a
> higher power, showing
> how it's neat, and showing how it corrupts.  Mustn't
> forget corruption.

[Gray Goo Will Consume the World]

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