211:6 -- INVALID, Style -1.0

From: Steve Gardner (gardner_at_sng.its.monash.edu.au)
Date: Thu Jul 10 2003 - 19:48:45 PDT

On Fri, 11 Jul 2003 dallas368_at_comcast.net wrote:

> Rule 211:5, in its annoying restriction, has failed to realize a
> loophole. I state the following:
> This rule occurs on Feb. 18th, 1998.
> For the purposes of this round, any post to the FRC fourm whatsoever
> is considered to be a commendation of this rule.
> I also impose the following restriction: No other restrictions,
> besides any one (if any) in 211:1, 211:2, 211:3, 211:4, 211:5, and
> 211:6 are allowed in this round.

Judgement: INVALID

I doubt that the attempt to make 211:6 occur in the past is successful.
However, since 211:5 is invalid, it doesn't matter either way.

The provision that that any posts to the FRC forum count as
"commendations" of 211:6 does not mean that any post to the FRC forum
(e.g. my previous post Judging 211:5) will satisfy the requirements of
211:4. 211:4 requires that Rules receive the personal commendation of
Rich Holmes, not just any commendation whatever. However, since 72 hours
have not passed since 211:6 was submitted, it is still possible that
Rich might grant this Rule his personal commendation. So we cannot say
the Rule is invalid on that score.

It is questionable that the proposed restriction is really dirty and
underhanded, since it merely forbids any further restrictions. That
might make the rest of the Round rather dull, but it wouldn't make it
especially difficult.

However, the failure of 211:6 to state "This Rule is invalid." is


+0.5      retroactivity is an interesting idea, if not a successful one.
-0.5      botched attempt to get around 211:4.
-0.5      restriction a bit dull and not sufficiently evil.
-0.5      poor spelling; 'fourm' should read 'forum'.
-1.0      TOTAL


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