Ruling on 194:2- VALID

From: Jesse W (
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 21:37:46 PDT

Ed Murphy wrote:
> From: Sir Topham Hatt
> To: Fantasy Rail Committee
> Dear Sirs,
> Our customers lack a proper map, which causes confusion and delay.  From
> now on, each rule shall mention a new tunnel, and a new station that joins
> that tunnel to a previously mentioned tunnel.
> Now, if you will please turn your attention to Mr. Conductor, who will
> begin explaining the schedule in the next rule.
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> Rule Date: 2002-10-04 01:56:46 GMT

VALID, because it's restriction does not include it.

It fixes a sort-of hole in the previous rule; that is, it requires tunnel
and station building instead of merely defining how to do such;
however it does not follow it's own restriction, which is not stylish.
Good, solid, even with the "from now on" bit, I'll give it a 2.
So, 2 Style points for 194:2

    Your Judge, Jesse Weinstein

Rule Date: 2002-10-05 04:43:32 GMT

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